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What up Food Tuber's! Okay we're going to do a beautiful chili.
with all the trimmings. It's going to be delicious, nutritious, and gorgeous, but to help me do it. Look.
We've got the boys from Lean Machines. Oh yes!
We're all about health and fitness. Work outs. Healthy alternatives.
We just like to have fun and get healthy along the way.
Everyone loves a chili
It's easy to do. It's super economical.
There's going to be four of your five veg a day in this dish.
We're going to use turkey and chicken sort of left over roast dinners.
There's so many ways to use it. Just have a go.
I'm excited to cook with you boys.
We're really excited.
The beginning of this story guys. The Italians call it a soffritto. I'm kinda using different vegetables here.
You can put a couple of tablespoons of olive oil in there.
And the idea is for sort of 10-15 minutes just slowly sweat it off and
what happens there is that natural flavour
just goes absolutely mental.
If you rush it you don't get that depth of flavour to your curries and stews and stuff like that.
I'm already in awe of your cutting skills. I would have lost about 4 fingers by now.
So look on that veggie base we've got leeks, peppers, carrots
erm, we got red onions here.
John are you alright to sort of shred all the meat off that chicken?
Did you know there's more nutrition in chicken legs than breast? That's why it's darker because
they don't fly very much chickens
Right, and they do more work I guess?
I guess so. They walk around a bit more.
Okay, so I can turn up the temperature a bit more now
Do you like a bit of spice boys? I do.
So I'm just going to take the seeds out of this. What do you guys
do and what is your sorta mantra as far as food goes?
Alongside the physical stuff that you guys do.
For us it's all about getting the best quality foods that you can. Like
a lot of people in the fitness industry are crazy about what supplements can I take to
get bigger? What supplements can I take to get leaner?
Supplements literally are a supplement to your diet and if you're getting enough of the right foods in the first
place you're not going to need the supplements to be honest.
So we try to get tonnes of green veg in don't we, Leon?
We kinda live high fat, high protein. Keep our carbs to vegetable sauces a lot of the time and then just re-feed
when we're feeling a little bit flat.
Erm, just cos it kinda keeps you away from all the processed stuff.
The lovely thing about this dish is you can go to your fridge and react to what's kind of leftover. Bits
and pieces.
So one level teaspoon of cumin, and one heaped teaspoon of smoked paprika.
And a little season of salt and pepper just to get that basic seasoning happening.
Once you stir it in that's going to be amazing.
At this stage in the game we're going to add some coriander stalks.
Going to go in with any bits and pieces.
John if you could just put some water in that. And also
get into all these thighs. See this in here
all these little bits
So chicken's gone in and the turkey's gone in as well.
That'll just break up whilst it's in there.
I mean guys protein is really important.
Protein's main job in your body is to repair the cells in your body. Your hair, your nails, your muscles.
So when you're working out and you put your body under stress you make little tears
or microfibre tears in your muscles.
And basically protein helps you recover.
Hence why people get bigger and stronger when they go to the gym cos they get stronger than originally.
Kinda get in here. If you get in here
and if I tip my mic here can you hear that?
That's caramelization. That's frying. That's developing flavours.
That's all that sort of dried left over meat that didn't look so attractive
it's kinda coming back to life now.
If you just give that a good old scrape up
Erm, I know it looks unappealing, erm and a bit boring, but the flavour in here
is at least double like those stock cubes that you can buy.
And that goes straight in. So now we've stopped that frying process
We're into stewing territory now.
It does smell really good.
So, two tins of tomatoes go in and I'll just add some water to those tins
just one tin of water.
And then last but not least, boys.
Probably in Britain the most underrated source of protein. Butterbeans. I love.
There you go. Look at that. It's almost like a sort of
natural sort of gravy aroma. Okay, so we can cook that on the hob for like an hour. Just let it simmer
and blip away beautifully.
Or pop it in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius or 350 Fahrenheit.
Until it's gorgeous and thick and lovely.
Lets let it cook.
Boys, take a weapon and have a little taste of that.
Don't ask me twice.
That's lovely. Is that alright?
Naughty, like that!
These light herbs are always best added in at the last minute. I'm going
to use coriander. It could be mint, it could be parsley, it could be basil.
Gonna rattle that in. I'm going to use a little vinegar.
Balsamic vinegar's great
erm, this is just
white wine vinegar.
Just a little cap like
a teaspoon.
Just gives it that sort of t-t-tang.
So let me make a plate up boys.
I'm going to use some brown rice.
From a nutrition point of view er, we got lovely lean proteins
we got four of your veg a day,
er, we got salsa which is just alive with lovely raw veggies.
Yoghurt. You got the whole er, the brown rice. So it's
it's kind of, it's almost
a perfect meal.
In my opinion. So,
look really pleased with that. It's been
an absolute pleasure cooking with you guys.
Thank you, it's been good.
I'm glad. They were kind enough to do a smoothie recipe
over on our sister channel which is Drinks Tube.
So go and check that out. Hit the link over there.
Er, also and check out their channel.
The great thing about these boys is that it's more of a holistic approach
it's not just pumping iron all the time. It's really, really good. So hit
the link down there. Check out their channel and give it a follow.
And you know what, you're going to learn something amazing from it.
Good luck. check it out. Boys, thank you very much. Thank you. Thanks man.
It's been an absolute pleasure. Awesome. Erm, until next time!
Absolutely man!
Lets eat. Thanks guy. Thank you.
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One Pot Chilli | Jamie Oliver & The Lean Machines

18960 Folder Collection
林子鈞 published on September 20, 2015    Yvonne translated    Steven reviewed
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