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  • OK word up Food Tubers we're gonna be making omelettes, four beautiful omelettes

  • Silky omelette

  • We're gonna do a frittata Italiano. A Spanish omelette open omelette. It's kinda like an omelette pizza

  • and then more of a classic French style omelette but let me kick you off in the world of four

  • first one we're gonna do is one that I think I invented that I probably didn't, that I make every week, that my kids

  • adore and you can start and finish in about two minutes so, silky omelettes

  • medium-high heat a nice big pan nonstick really helps you because you don't have to use loads and

  • loads of fat, I'll put my toast on at this point in the story

  • technically in the time it takes for these to toast the job is done

  • get yourself a mug because I can never be bothered to get a whisk or a bowl

  • but I can be bothered to get a fork, two eggs, some people do four and three eggs but actually

  • two, nutritionally, is great I wanna beat it up fairly well well at this point in time , excuse the noise, the toast is toasting

  • the pan is heating and the eggs are beating you just have to kind of walk over and get some cheese normally

  • to be honest I just use a cheddar but I got today

  • red Leicester which is a beautiful cheese, similar to a cheddar in flavour, I'm just gonna mix it up cos it's

  • Food Tube and we like to let our hair down and kind of get the vibes going about 30

  • grams 40 grams of cheese is more than enough red Leicester is lovely as well

  • so this point in the game the pan is hot I'm gonna add a little bit of oil I'm going to

  • go in with the silky and I'm just gonna move it around like a pancake just like that

  • keep moving it around and the egg will kind of dry up and that's it

  • okay so it's having hardly any cooking but it's quite hot but it's gonna cook

  • for very little time the egg is now done so that's how brilliant it is, off the heat and then I use my fork

  • literally just to roll it now the point of this is that we're creating mille-feuille, many layers

  • think of puff pastry so I'm just flipping it but this and if you get it

  • wrong or it tears please don't worry get your place and just put your silky onto a plate

  • like that this is about silk this is about texture this is about gorgeousness, this is about layers in the silky,

  • layers and layers of thin egg with gorgeous cheese inside

  • all I'm gonna have here is just a

  • nice brave slice you know of your tomatoes. I'm cutting more than I need but I'm just mixing it up

  • I really love this as a breakfast, lunch or light last minute late dinner a little pinch of pepper a little pinch of salt

  • and by the way I didn't salt the egg when I beat it because you've got salt in the cheese

  • a little bit of quality extra virgin olive oil

  • Its the morning, so we wanna wake up the party with a little bit of chilli sauce

  • so just a little sprinkling of chilli sauce, beautiful.

  • and we've beat the toaster which is very nice

  • I might just drizzle that with some good olive oil, of course butter if you want

  • So there you go guys, breakfast lunch or dinner, this little bad boy is

  • a pleasure to eat so lets grab a little fork here, now what I want you to see in here is for me the silky

  • apart from speed and comfort food is about texture

  • so if we get in here, i'm hoping, that you'll see some of that

  • so it should be, I'm can't see what you can see but it should be about layers

  • you should see a sort of folding in there, can you see that? Nod to me, oh you can see that

  • and then it simply is, texturally, and flavour wise a joy to eat

OK word up Food Tubers we're gonna be making omelettes, four beautiful omelettes

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How to Make a Silky Omelette | Jamie Oliver

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