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So we're going to continue with the idea of wave hands like clouds. After you've gotten
a little used to doing wave hands like clouds single hand, get used to that first. Scoop
with the hand watch the cloud. Then the other hand, scoop with the hand watch the cloud.
Then you could begin with both hands. The back hand face down, front hand face up. So
if I'm turned to my right, my right hand will drop I shift my weight to the left and both
hands come across the body. So I'm scooping with this hand watching the cloud here in
the direction that I'm turning. And then as I said very important let it go right on by.
You shift the weight turn the waist only forty five degrees, let the hands go by so they
cross at the sides, they come together is yin and yang, up and down. As they come across
and then just like night turns to day and day turns to night, we have balance. This
is like dusk and dawn at the sides. So you have extreme day here and then you have dusk
and then you have extreme night here and then you have dawn. So you have this idea this
concept of yin and yang showing up in the physical body.
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Tai Chi Movements : Tai Chi: Wave Hands Like Clouds Tips

688 Folder Collection
Pei Lun Lo published on August 20, 2015
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