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Hey there! Umm...I'm Daniel Radcliffe
and I'm James McAvoy.
Aww... you f**ked up!
Hello. I'm James McAvoy.
And I'm Daniel Radcliffe.
And I play Doctor Victor Frankenstein.
And I play Eagle in the new film but it's Frankenstein.
A film that we're very proud of!
Very very proud of!
It is a... a very very new twist on a kind of a legendary tale.
And it's out on November 21th. It will be great!
Let's have a look at the trailer!
Eagle! You and I should be at the very heart of the scientific enterprise that will change the world.
We shall create a life out of death.
It's alive.
Do you realize how significant this is?
Oh I have an inkling.
I'm Detective Inspector Terpit
I'm here to investigate missing body parts.
I'm not sure what you mean, sir.
You are not afraid to challenge the natural, Mr. Frankenstein?
No, and it's Frankenstein.
huh.. ha.
We shall create a man.
after our own image.
umm... well... You're welcome.
I think it is time.
You met our monster.
Victor! Don't! -Bon chance
It's alive.
It's alive. That's rather obvious.
You have a chance to be part of something.
Part of what?
Being electrocuted.
Chased by monsters.
Then hunted by the police.
Well if you're just going to concentrate on the dark side.
Be careful. Mr.Frankenstein.
You are toying with wrathful forces.
You can not argue with that!
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Victor Frankenstein | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

14710 Folder Collection
Rose published on August 22, 2015    Rose translated    Charlene Tai reviewed
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