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  • Hey there! Umm...I'm Daniel Radcliffe

  • and I'm James McAvoy.

  • Aww... you f**ked up!

  • Hello. I'm James McAvoy.

  • And I'm Daniel Radcliffe.

  • And I play Doctor Victor Frankenstein.

  • And I play Eagle in the new film but it's Frankenstein.

  • A film that we're very proud of!

  • Very very proud of!

  • It is a... a very very new twist on a kind of a legendary tale.

  • And it's out on November 21th. It will be great!

  • Let's have a look at the trailer!

  • Eagle! You and I should be at the very heart of the scientific enterprise that will change the world.

  • We shall create a life out of death.

  • It's alive.

  • Do you realize how significant this is?

  • Oh I have an inkling.

  • I'm Detective Inspector Terpit

  • I'm here to investigate missing body parts.

  • I'm not sure what you mean, sir.

  • You are not afraid to challenge the natural, Mr. Frankenstein?

  • No, and it's Frankenstein.

  • huh.. ha.

  • We shall create a man.

  • after our own image.

  • Questions?

  • umm... well... You're welcome.

  • I think it is time.

  • You met our monster.

  • Victor! Don't! -Bon chance

  • It's alive.

  • It's alive. That's rather obvious.

  • You have a chance to be part of something.

  • Part of what?

  • Being electrocuted.

  • Chased by monsters.

  • Then hunted by the police.

  • Well if you're just going to concentrate on the dark side.

  • Be careful. Mr.Frankenstein.

  • You are toying with wrathful forces.

  • You can not argue with that!

Hey there! Umm...I'm Daniel Radcliffe

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