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Shout out to Hannah Hart, but you know what, we need one of those.
Andy, call somebody on YouTube.
I'm on it.
We don't know anybody on YouTube.
What's going on, everybody?
Welcome to an express version of FungBros Food.
We're at the most famous burger spot in the entire city of New York.
Shake Shack.
Shake Shack in NY featuring JaChim~
This is the original Shake Shack location at Madison Park
It's just filled with young people, who are openminded
You know what? I just get good vibes
Baby won't you shake my shack?
Alright you guys, the line's moving quickly. What do you have to say about the Shake Shack menu?
A lot of people compare this to the West Coast In-n-out, but it's pretty different.
I want to say that an In-n-Out comparison is unfair.
They have burgers, custard, shakes, flat top dogs, fries, concretes, cones, and cups
A shake that's got 1000 calories
Oh we've got to get that!
We have to game plan what we're going to order
Pin it down right now.
You don't want to get up there and be like blahblahblah
The Shroom Burger, the Shake Stack too. Get the custard. We need the fries!
The Shack Burger, Shroom burger, Shack Stack, a hamburger.
Regular fries and cheese fries. Two frozen custards, oh and one Park burger.
Alright, so I pretty much got every meat on the menu
$116 at Shake Shack
It's about to go down. Oh snap.
We got our Shake Shack.
and uh, I think the first thing that you've got to acknowledge is how much Shake Shack really costs.
Oh man, I told you it was expensive near the menu.
And it is noteworthy that the In-n-Out comparisons need to be thrown out the window.
Totally different price point, okay. More similar to a sit-in restaurant
Mix and match. It's everybody's time to pick a burger.
This one's calling my name
I've had a portobello burger before, but I've never had one that was deep fried in tempura with cheese in the middle
Slow mode, do it like a lady
It's actually still connected, so actually if you look at the bun,
Look at that
You see nothing.
Boom, boom, boom.
Are they trying to be like a bao?!
Oh, is this the gua bao of burgers?
Bacon is crazy, but what's really helping is this tomato mayonnaise relish sauce
This creamy pepper mayonnaise. This is what's helping right here.
That's adding that coolness, that spiciness
That's the Shake Stack which is essentially
pretty similar to an In-n-Out double stack.
A double double. I need the In-n-Out comparison.
Yo, that's fire. My taste buds are a bunch of like...
cub scouts going through a mountain of flavor, just walking through the trails
exploring this whole adventure of just a lot of -noise-
It tastes like an In-n-Out burger, but better, and it's more expensive, so why shouldn't it be?
The dog you got looks crazy. -This is a Meister dog.
Ohhh he went in with no regard
I genuinely like it.
I genuinely like it.
There is some element of a Thanksgiving green bean casserole in this one.
Let's move on to the fries
Herringbone fries.
They're crinkle cut. These are the ones that I used to eat at school lunches.
Everybody's dipping theirs in ketchup, I'm going to dip mine into the fudge
Ain't it like salted caramel? Now you're gonna like this very well
My favorite Power Ranger was always Kimberly, so I had to get the strawberry.
Anytime you make the Popeye face, you make the Popeye face.
That's really good!
That is, that is very odd.
Decadent and heavenly, I say.
The person that we need to hear from is Timshiiba, Shiiba-san!
This is the big boy takeover.
We've kicked out the skinny guys. It's just me, your boy Tim. -Timshiiba, what up
Go Tim, go Tim -My goodness, Tim.
Oh my god
Tim did the Stevie Wonder
It's like a salty and a sweet, and it's like the perfect mixture.
This is doing some things. It's doing some things.
It's me and the chili like it's supposed to be. Cheese in the middle like it's supposed to be.
Bout to eat this fry like it's ghost to me
I'm so glad we got to try Shake Shack together. It's an iconic place.
Coming from New York, and they actually are spreading around the country now.
When you have a burger and a shake, you feel just like a little kid again. -Oh dude
Like a lunchroom! -Like a lunchroom -like elementary or junior high
Good food, good times with good friends. That's the FungBro Food I enjoy
That was too sincere!
It's filled with young people who are open minded.
It's such a welcoming atmosphere. I haven't seen people judge each other. Come to New York. Try Shake Shack
Yo, you guys, thank you so much for watching this episode of FungBros Food express
meaning we shot it really quick and on the fly.
Watch this video right here, watch that video right there, we out in New York and until next time
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24350 Folder Collection
Charlene Tai published on August 21, 2015    Charlene Tai translated    葉子維 reviewed
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