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  • In a recent VICE News interview, President Barack Obama blamed the existence of ISIS

  • on the United Statesinvasion of Iraq in 2003. Yet former President George W. Bush

  • claimed that terrorist groups around the world (quote) “hate us for our freedom”. So

  • we want to know does the U.S. create terrorists?

  • Well, when comparing the ten year periods before and after the 2003 invasion of Iraq,

  • the Global Terrorism Database reports that roughly 21,000 terrorist incidents occurred

  • between 1993-2003. In the years following the invasion, that number more than doubled.

  • So, why are the numbers increasing? Some conservative sources have blamed a weak foreign policy

  • and political infighting for this massive increase. However one political scientist

  • has attributed 95% of suicide attacks in recent years to foreign occupation. And a 2004 government

  • study concluded that the invasion has quoteparadoxically elevated the stature of and

  • support for radical Islamists.”

  • A former CIA interrogator wrote that the number one recruitment tool used by terrorist groups,

  • was knowledge of US torture at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. A government report supports

  • the accusation that torture policies damaged the accuracy of any intelligence collected,

  • andstrengthened the hand of our enemies“. Additionally, there is evidence that drone

  • strikes have also lead to an increase in anti-American radicalism.

  • As it turns out, this isn’t a new phenomenon. Back in the 1950’s, the CIA coined the term

  • blowbackto describe the unintended negative side effects of overthrowing a middle

  • eastern regime. Today, numerous studies and comments from several politicians have supported

  • the idea that the US-led intervention in the Middle East is the primary motivation for

  • anti-American terrorism.

  • You probably know that the US is an incredibly powerful country... but what about its weaknesses?

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In a recent VICE News interview, President Barack Obama blamed the existence of ISIS

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