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  • Smartphoneusage isof coursebecoming more prevalent throughout the world,...

  • and the mobile advertising market is a sector that has been profiting from that growth.

  • Butsome warn of developments that may end uploweringthe boom.

  • Kim Minji reports. The global mobile advertisement market is

  • reaping the profits. According to a joint report by IAB Europe

  • and IHS Technology,... the revenue from the global mobile advertisement market amounted

  • to 31-point-9 billion U.S. dollars in 2014.

  • That′s up nearly 65 percent from the previous year.

  • By segmentmobile display generated nearly half of the total global mobile advertising

  • revenue,... or 15-point-1 billion dollarsfollowed by mobile search with 46 percent

  • at 14-point-7 billion dollars,... and messaging with seven percent share,... or

  • 2-point-1 billion dollars. The North American region accounted for the

  • biggest proportion of the market at about 45 percent,... or 14-point-3 billion

  • dollars. It was followed by the AsiaPacific region

  • at nearly 37 percent,... and Europe at about 17 percent.

  • Howeverposing a possible threat to the market,... a separate report says ad blocking

  • software could cost online publishers losses of over 20 billion dollars in revenue this

  • year. Currentlynearly 200 million people worldwide

  • are using ad blockers online an increase of more than a 40 percent from June 2014.

  • The report warned of a ′game changerthis fall when Apple launches its iOS9,

  • a new mobile operating system which will allow the development of ad blocking apps supported

  • by Mobile Safari which currently makes up more than half of the global mobile browsing

  • market. Kim MinjiArirang News.

Smartphoneusage isof coursebecoming more prevalent throughout the world,...

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