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- Now it's time for a segment we call
"It's a Jungle in the Amazon."
[tribal music]
Brings out the animal in me.
All right, this is a segment-- we show you real products
that exist on Amazon even though they probably should not.
This is a product called
the AutoExec Wheelmate Work Surface Tray.
It's a desk that attaches to your steering wheel.
[audience exclaiming]
You know, it's a great place to write your loved ones
that you just caused a terrible accident.
This is a book I found on Amazon.
It's called "Dancing With Cats,"
and I think you can't have enough cat books.
This is a woman right here, and she's dancing with two cats.
She was born to do that, wasn't she?
Here's a man dancing with a cat.
Here's the thing.
Every time I try to defend cat owners,
they turn around and do something like this to me.
How can I defend cats?
Here's another one.
I had no idea this book existed.
It's an Ellen DeGeneres coloring book
by Jack Anthony.
[audience laughs, groans]
I don't know you, Jack Anthony,
but I feel like we will be speaking through lawyers soon.
If you see a product online you think I should see,
please send it to me.
We'll be back after this.
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Ellen Show:You Can Find Anything on Amazon

21954 Folder Collection
Chamber published on August 19, 2015    Angie Hsu translated    Rose reviewed
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