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  • Look, you don't understand what he's like,

  • what he... What we did, what he made me do.

  • All right.

  • Let's start at the beginning then.

  • What'd he make you do?

  • (SOBS)

  • We killed some kids.

  • What?

  • Look, l didn't mean to, l swear. He made me help him.

  • He said if l didn't, he'd kill me, too.

  • Look, you gotta help me, please. l'm so scared.

  • l don't want to go to hell for killing kids.

  • Look.

  • What kids? What... What are you talking about?

  • l don't know. l never knew their names.

  • Names?

  • How many?

  • How many kids?

  • All together?

  • About 20, l guess.

  • No, you're lying.

  • No! It's true, l swear!

  • You're gonna tell me you killed 20 kids?

  • Yeah! Thereabouts.

  • l stopped counting after a while.

  • Gordon said maybe one or two may have escaped.

  • But...

  • No.

  • Nobody can iust up and kill 20 kids, okay?

  • We did.

  • We did.

  • How?

  • Most times we'd iust have one or two.

  • Sometimes as many as three.

Look, you don't understand what he's like,

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Changeling (7/12) Movie CLIP - We Killed Some Kids (2008) HD

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