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greetings clash of clans fans it is euros gallon you're watching classic
plans attacks were today we're talking about
what role of Bologna at Town Hall 9 and also I've thrown in a couple have added
bonuses at the end of this episode so be sure to stick around for that as well
first we'll take a look at the slightly altered army and spell composition you
can see some people like to bring a heal spell their
the F-four lobbing ounce of course dropping a few millions or balloons were
obviously again an attack you can make your own and we're going to take a look
first here at a replay from
at Obama LP for haiti's from a recent clan war in his deployment ok what role
of a looming in
now as you can see here those air defenses are very deeply embedded any
did drop as balloons
slightly head up the lobby announced they're the first one is already down
but here is a big key to the Quattro attack
and that is those deep raids bills being patient waiting for those plans to get
to the inside there is the heal spell
not sure how effective how critical that heal spell really as you can see the
raid spells
really make a difference there and the balloons again like we saw at Town Hall
they've moved ahead up the minions and the lava pops
kinda helping to protect them as you can see there taking down that town hall
all the balloons are still up there goes the last lobbing on while those for log
house really last a long time
without infernos to deal with and right here we pas the ballot just for a moment
just so we can see
that atom bomb had achieved sixty-three percent damage to stars before he even
deploy the king and the Queen
and again if you wash the balloons and the minions in the lava pups there
look at the massive amount of damage to their doing without any help
from the heroes what so ever the Queen goes down very quickly on the outside
I have a feeling that without the heroes this could have been
eighty percent or more damage done to this village but dropping the heroes
there at the end. helping to take down those outside structures
you can see that is quickly going to lead to a three-star attack
and in fact the heroes never really that much of a factor here as it is finished
off by the lava pups and anions
three stars for atom bomb in LP for haiti's
so let's not waste any time let's get right into another
reply here this is from panacea LP three kyron obviously not a war attack
and there go the lobby house in first this time being followed up by the
they go straight to those air defenses and now again deep rage spells are
really like the idea of putting these rates bills in a little more deeply
you gotta give those blue in some time to work their way in there's the third
raged already
really accelerating those balloons over those most powerful defenses
and there are the LOB house is actually three of them go to that far air defense
the Blues have done a massive amount of damage we're already
well past 40 percent damage here come the millions in behind cleaning up those
remaining structures and again
the millions in the lava pubs you can see Im gone to work on the Town Hall
he drops a lightning spell out they're really not that much of a factor
again lots of small units wiping out the Town Hall
the heroes not even deployed in there was sixty-two percent damage
before he dropped his heroes at the far right of your screen
and again the balloons means a lot of ups doing incredible amount of damage to
the inside this village
even without help from the heroes we're already past 75 percent damage
you can see again the heroes doing that with some work on the outside that could
have been accomplished anyway by all these other flying it's given the time
and once again it is going to wrap up with another dominating three-star
with Quattro la Bologna and on to our next reply here again from LP three
kyron this is Mike attacking with his
four live alone in attack again the lobby house coming in first and then he
drops the balloons immediately after their the Klang castle balloons as well
once again now these response a little bit further to the outside than the
other attacks
but again being quite effective you can see the air balloons getting accelerated
in their deeply
already in closing in on that town hall area
again this is an outside town hall and you can see he attacked with such
confidence the town homes on the far side of this village
but he was so sure he was gonna wipe it out he started on the far left
you can see those balloons have already worked their way through the centre
you've got again the heroes working their way around the outside
just basically doing cleanup duty kind of the officer
have what you see would go i per so used to go like having heroes
as the anchor during the critical damage to the center getting that town are
getting fifty percent
but just the opposite is true here Quattro la ballooning the heroes are
extra units to help clean up those actor percentage points around the outside
the balk at the damage coming from those balloons and millions and lava pops of
and again you can see here this is going to be a little bit closer
seventy-six percent damaging you got a couple other level 10 plus heroes here
they're gonna try to put up a fight
that Queen goes down awfully quickly the attacking queen is but lagging behind
again bang on wall looking after that cold storage there
and now we've got some King on King confrontation right in front of the Town
they're going at it and of course the level 15 comes out victorious he's got
that barbarian Kings
iron fist on his side shortly thereafter got there goes the Town Hall for the
second star
weary eighty percent damage and now it is looking like it this is going to be a
three-star victory but it's going to be close
you can see the King just about to go down there now the king is gone
we've got several structures left in just the level 15 archer Queen remains
but she has not used her royal Cloquet again working on that wall seems like it
takes for ever
when you just got a queen by herself trying to get through a wall like that
she finally breaches that gets through their she's gonna work on that mortar
once that mortar goes down she's still got half a dozen or so structures
including a couple of high hit point structures there
but you'll notice that there's not a lot of defensive action
that is going to slow her down there is one archer tower
and there goes the Royal clockers are held gets pretty low saves the day
kills that Archer tower now she's just got a few structures left
plenty of time to get through on and again just a matter of time
before Mike achieve the third star with the Quattro la Bologna
another big trophy taker 34
and so now we're gonna move on to another attack from atom bomb in war
from LP for haiti's yes atom bomb with the six-star special in this last war
again the lobby house moving in first and you can see this time he's dropped
all those balloons in a concentrated cluster on the left side
and I think this goes to show that it is really spell timing and placement I know
I've said it a million times
that is critical you can see those to rate spells
diva very patiently waiting till let those balloons getting deeply
there goes the Mickey Mouse shape about third-grade spell and again the rates
bills not really overlapping much
they really accelerated those troops that dragon and the defensive playing
castle was a non-issue
the lightning spell just a little bonus there to help take those units out a
little bit faster
but again you can see a massive group love millions and lava pubs just do an
incredible amount of damage
it we're at seventy-eight percent damage this time before the heroes are deployed
I'm telling you this attack is so overpowered don't tell anybody else
about this this is
crazy strong especially at Town Hall line I thought in town all ten this
attack was fun but man
with town all nine without the infernos to face this is such a powerful attack
you just gonna watch
way redeploy those spells it doesn't look like a lightning verses
he'll star really makes that much of a difference three more stars
for atom bomb alright and here we've got another replay in war this from Tony
Avella b3 chyron and right away we noticed this is not a quatre la balloon
more of a traditional Ave how the tack to hounds coming in
there go the rage sells its already the house and the balloons
now with two fewer how'd you get a lot more space for balloons and tons of
millions in behind
and a well-placed rates bills there linings built a key others playing
Castle troops now is God deal with some air skilled in traps
but is not going to matter as those many indie disco wipe them out almost
that well-placed third grades fell accelerating the balloons
through those defenses the millions in the lava pups making quick work at that
town hall and continuing through
more and more structures you can see we've still got a bigger balloons up on
the left
losses millions left he has not even the point is king yet we are already passed
sixty nine percent damage
now the king is down his guest are working on those outside structures
and again it looks like a three star is headed his way
as they're just way too many defensive structures down
nothing left to slow down all these units he even got a group a balloon
still up which is kind of unusual
usually the end these attacks you just see the heroes and those millions in
lava pubs
here you've got a group balloons heading over towards that
last archer tower and Tesla the king and his friendly banded minions cleaning up
around the outside and this is gonna wrap up with another
three-star war victory for Tony <3 kyron
so there you have it some very exciting
three-star victories using Quattro la balloon unit town home line and also
just with to lava hounds
and I think we can take away from this is the fact you can vary that army
are choosing the base that you're going to attack in war is also very important
make the attack your own does spell timing a placement very critical
but exciting to watch how well this attack is doing a town online
as always please let me know what you guys think let me know if you try and I
love the season Town Hall lines trying to start alcohol tens using this attack
thank you guys again for watching as always be sure to subscribe to class a
plan to tax for daily
class implants uploads and I will see you guys again tomorrow
with more Bowl attacks
so I was reading the comments the other day as I always do and I saw this very
kind comment from a player named tyler is great 34 from the clan unlimited ammo
I figured you know what I should do this from time to time I'll take a look at
the comments grab a random comment like this
take a look at his clan and here it is on limited ammo
and he is actually the leader Tyler is great 34
to really go take a look at his base real quick and that check it out review
we've got a town hall 8 set up here and we're gonna take a look at the %uh
interior of the Pacers guys playing castle in the center
cuz King as de- of course being protected their
he's got the four mortars kind all in that same enclosure
I'm not a big fan of that because he can bridge that in turn close you can wipe
them all out with one well-placed rates Bell
but I do like the fact that the wizard towers are a little bit further out
I like how is alternated the Archer towers with cannons all the way around
the outside I think that's good to help protect against
a lopsided attack and I do like the way the walls are set up with his little
definitely allowing for what strategic placement up traps and Tesla's
so thanks again tyler is great 34 really appreciate that comment thanks to all
our view
who like comment and subscribe and I appreciate every single one %uh view
and I will see you guys again tomorrow
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Clash of Clans "Town Hall 9 Attack Strategy" Four Lavahound Tutorial

1519 Folder Collection
yoyo published on August 16, 2015
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