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  • Calm yourself, calm yourself and just listen to me.

  • No, no, no. No, you listen to me, please.

  • This so called doctor paraded me around my own neighborhood,

  • like some kind of a derelict mother who didn't even know her own son.

  • JONES: And what was hís fíndíngs?

  • He found what he expected to find,

  • what you obviously told him he would find.

  • Mrs. Collíns. But that's not...

  • That's nothing to be embarrassed about.

  • That l was embarrassed is not the issue.

  • The point is that you are wasting time

  • when you should be Iooking for my son.

  • But the report is final, Mrs. Collins.

  • Well, then l want to receive the report, so l can refute it,

  • before it goes to anyone else.

  • Fine.

  • Yes. Good day.


  • l'm finished. Could l go to my room now?

  • Yes.

  • Good night, Mommy.

  • Stop saying that!

  • Stop saying that!

  • l'm not your mother!

  • l want my son back.

  • You're not him. You're not my son!

  • l want my son back.

  • l want my son back!

  • Damn you!

  • l want my son back!

  • (SOBS)

Calm yourself, calm yourself and just listen to me.

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Changeling (5/12) Movie CLIP - I Am Not Your Mother (2008) HD

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