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  • Mrs. Collins? Yes?

  • Dr. Earl W. Tarr.

  • Captain Jones sent me.

  • l consult with him from time to time on juvenile cases.

  • May l come in?

  • Yes, thank you for coming.

  • l was beginning to think he didn't believe me.

  • Well, l'm here now, and we'll put all that to rights.

  • Where's the boy?

  • Ah! There he is.

  • A handsome young man.

  • He has your eyes, doesn't he?

  • And a little bit of the nose.

  • Very fit, in spite of all his travails.

  • A very resilient boy you've got here, Mrs. Collins.

  • l thought you were here to help me.

  • Well, l am.

  • Captain Jones said that the boy had been through some severe physical changes

  • and asked me to drop in on him

  • to reassure you in your time of motherly concern.

  • My motherly concern is not for him because he's not my son.

  • Now, statements like that will hardly help the boy's self-esteem,

  • now will they?

  • Captain Jones said something about a change in height?

  • Yes.

  • Come.

  • Against the wall.

  • CHRISTINE: He's three inches shorter.

  • Ah, well...

  • (STAMMERING) Hardly a mystery, Mrs. Collins.

  • We've known for some time that trauma can affect the growth of children.

  • Given the stress of the past five months,

  • his spine may have actually shrunk.

  • lt's uncommon, but it's within the realm of possibility.

  • And circumcision?

  • Very likely his abductor thought it appropriate.

  • After all, circumcision is hygienically sound.

  • Must have been quite traumatic at the time.

  • No wonder he's submerged the memory.

  • l...

  • You see, there's a perfectly sound medical explanation for all of this.

  • But it's right for you to raise the questions.

  • You need to be apprised of all changes the lad went through

  • during his absence.

  • Wouldn't l know whether or not he's my son?

  • l'm the mother.

  • Which means you're in no position to be objective.

  • You are looking through the prism of extreme emotion at a boy

  • who has changed from what you remember.

  • He isn't the same boy that left here.

  • Just as a boy that goes off to war and then returns

  • is not the same anymore.

  • And a mother's heart, driven by intuition and emotion,

  • sees these changes and rebels,

  • insists that this isn't your son.

  • Doesn't change the facts.

  • l'm willing to put my theory to the test of objectivity, Mrs. Collins.

  • Are you?

  • CHRISTINE: It Ă­s absolutely outrageous!

Mrs. Collins? Yes?

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