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The President: Our climate is changing.
It's changing in ways that threaten our economy,
our security, and our health.
This isn't opinion; it's fact, backed up by
decades of carefully collected data and
overwhelming scientific consensus.
And it has serious implications for the
way that we live now.
We can see it and we can feel it: hotter summers;
rising sea levels; extreme weather events like stronger
storms, deeper droughts, and longer wildfire seasons.
All disasters that are becoming more frequent,
more expensive, and more dangerous.
Our own families experience it too.
Over the past three decades, asthma rates
have more than doubled.
And as temperatures keep warming, and smog gets
worse, those Americans will be at even greater risk of
landing in the hospital.
Climate change is not a problem for another generation.
Not anymore.
That's why, on Monday, my administration will release
the final version of America's Clean Power Plan:
the biggest, most important step we've ever taken to
combat climate change.
Power plants are the single biggest source of the
harmful carbon pollution that contributes
to climate change.
But until now there have been no federal limits
to the amount of that pollution those plants
can dump into the air.
Think about that.
We limit the amount of toxic chemicals, like mercury and
sulphur and arsenic, in our air and water,
and we're better off for it.
But existing power plants can still dump unlimited
amounts of harmful carbon pollution into
the air we breathe.
For the sake of our kids, for the health and safety
of all Americans, that's about to change.
We've been working with states and power companies
to make sure they've got the flexibility they need to cut
this pollution, all the while lowering energy bills,
ensuring reliable service, and paving the way for new
job-creating innovations that help America
lead the world forward.
If you believe, like I do, that we can't condemn our
kids and grandkids to a planet that's beyond fixing,
then I'm asking you to share this message with your
friends and family.
Push your own communities to adopt smarter,
more sustainable practices.
Remind everyone who represents you that
protecting the world we leave to our children
is a prerequisite for your vote.
Join us.
We can do this.
It's time for America and the world to act
on climate change.
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President Obama on America's Clean Power Plan

1606 Folder Collection
Jeng-Lan Lee published on August 15, 2015
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