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  • BRIEGLEB: Our thoughts go out agaín today to Mrs. Chrístíne Collíns

  • ofncoln Heíghts,

  • whose young son, Walter Collíns,

  • sappeared nearly two weeks ago.

  • Though she ís not a member of our congregatíon,

  • we pray for her today as we have every day,

  • nce we learned of her plíght.

  • On the radío and ín the newspapers

  • we are told that the Los Angeles Políce Department

  • ís doíng íts very best to reuníte mother and chíld,

  • and l'm sure that that ís true.

  • Butven íts status as the mostolent, corrupt

  • and íncompetent políce department

  • thís síde of the Rocky Mountaíns

  • l am not sure ít's sayíng a great deal.



  • Every day, new bodíes appear along Mulholland

  • and ín thetches of our cítíes,

  • the work of Políce Chíef James Davís and hís aptly named Gun Squad.

  • Every day, the needs oF honest cítízens

  • are put second to greed and personal gaín.

  • Every day, thís cítynks deeper ínto a cesspool

  • of fear, íntímídatíon and corruptíon.

  • Once thety of Angels,

  • Los Angeles has become a place where our protectors

  • have become our brutalízers.

  • Where to be the law ís to be above the law.

BRIEGLEB: Our thoughts go out agaín today to Mrs. Chrístíne Collíns

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