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If only all first days in work were this adorable!
Meet Billy, Devon and Cornwall Police's latest canine recruit and he's fitting in extremely
The 12-week-old fluffy puppy has had his first go at the agility test at police headquarters
where he passed with flying colours despite, at times,
being more keen to have a cuddle than to run up a ramp.
Billy will be joining fellow pups Rika, Memphis and Flynn,
now all 17-weeks-old, during their initial training.
Police dogs and their handlers all go through a 12-week course.
During the course the dog is taught to follow a track or scent
over various kinds of terrain and search for people or property which may be hidden.
Billy is already showing great potential, if a little distracted, come on out Billy.
These trainee police dogs will need to be able deal with crowds of people in the city
and crowds of animals in the countryside and much more.
All handlers agree that Billy has made an adorable addition to the squad.
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Adorable police puppy begins his training

1316 Folder Collection
richardwang published on August 14, 2015
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