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And for the top international news headlines, we now turn to Lee Sun-ho at the news center.
Today′s focus: After shaking up the financial realm, China is rocked, this time by 2
major explosions, 3 cases are dropped against Julian Assange, and Jimmy Carter′s shocking
confession. Well Sunho, could you give us the updates
on this tragedy in China and how extensive the damage is?
Yes, as of now, at least 50 are reported to have died, including 12 firefighters,
and more than 700 have been injured by blasts... at a warehouse in Tianjin.
Hospitals are already overwhelmed with people seeking treatment... after being wounded by
the explosions. Chinese President Xi Jinping has announced
a thorough and transparent investigation... into what happened.
For the details, we turn to Kim Ji-yeon. Videos show fireballs shooting into the sky
from the two blasts in Tianjin late Wednesday. The explosions were so large they could be
seen from the city of 15 million by satellites in space.
Authorities have yet to identify the cause of the blasts.
Many believe the first explosion was at a warehouse of the company,… Tianjin Dongjiang
Port Rui Hai International Logistics. The shock waves were felt kilometers away...
and sent broken glass flying from shattered windows and fish tanks.
″We were sleeping at that moment when we suddenly heard a massive explosion. After
the second blast we were called to go outside and run. Then we rushed out together and found
out everything had already been torn down by shock waves from the blasts.″
China Earthquake Networks Center said the magnitude of the shockwaves measured between
2 and 3 points, the force of small earthquakes. Smoke still billowed Thursday.
Many are concerned about exposure to toxic smoke,… not knowing exactly what was stored
in the warehouses. The second explosion had already killed several
firefighters first called to the scene.
″Very worried, very worried. At this moment we don′t know what chemical is in the air,
we are worried it may be toxic and harmful in the future.″
Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for ″all-out efforts″ to minimize casualties.
He also promised a thorough investigation. Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.
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At least 50 killed in huge explosion in Tianjin, China Wednesday 중국 톈진 폭발 사고

833 Folder Collection
張強 published on August 14, 2015
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