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- Well hello everyone!
My name is Tyler Oakley and I am here with...
- Troye Sivan!
- The one and only Troye Sivan.
Y'all have been demanding that we do
another video together and I figure, why not?
So we asked you guys what video would you
possibly want us to do and the response
was overwhelmingly... (popping of tweets appearing)
The Boyfriend Tag. And we figured that like,
regardless of whether Troyler is a thing,
we would just give the people what they want.
- (imitates ukulele)
That's when the music comes on!
- What?! (laughs)
Okay, so Troye, explain what the Boyfriend Tag is.
- Okay, so basically, the Boyfriend Tag is
a bunch of questions just from around the internet
that you are supposed to ask your boyfriend
and I guess-- - I don't think that's
what it is. (laughs)
It's like questions for us to answer
as boyfriends together. - Right.
- So that the people can know more
about our relationship. - Right.
- If this were a relationship.
- If.
So Tyler, when did we first meet?
- Uh, I think we talked about this is our
last set of collaborations-- - We did.
- but we first met at Playlist Live.
Yeah, and there's actually a picture of
the first time we ever talked (laughs)
and this is it.
- I look like Jennifer Lawrence when
she first met Anne Hathaway,
like that admiration smile thing.
- Iconic.
Okay, so what was your first impression of me?
(laughs) Like in person.
- Okay, first of all, Tyler here is kind of
a small guy. - Small?!
- Like just short. - Oh.
- Ish. - Yeah.
I'm on a cushion so I can be on Troye's level.
- Get on my level, Tyler. - I literally am trying
to get on his level.
- He was very, very nice.
He like, hugged me hello and everything and
I was like, "Oh, what a nice guy."
- (laughs)
I thought you were really shy.
- Really? - Yeah!
- What do we argue about the most?
This is like a scary question.
We don't really argue.
- We don't argue, I would say,
like we actually don't.
- It's more like death stares,
(laughs) And the silent treatment.
Okay, and the next question,
when did you first meet my family?
- Well, the first time I actually met any of
your family was this trip, - Right.
- I met your brother, Steele, but I have skyped
with like, the whole family.
- Yeah, no, there's been like,
Mellet Skypes with Tyler before,
that's a thing that's happened.
- Yeah, have you Skyped with my family, yes?
- I've met Tyler's mum a bunch of times on Skype.
Hi, Jackie, how are you? - (laughs)
- It me.
- It me, Hi, Shaun and Laurelle,
and Tyde and Sage and Steele.
That's everybody!
- That's it!
- It me, Tyler. - It us.
(both laugh)
- Okay, and do we have any traditions?
- We like to sit in the same room
and get on Tumblr together.
- The amount of times I said,
"Wait, look at this post," to Tyler
is like, unfathomable.
- Oh, if you look at our Skype conversations,
he never types anything but it's just like
a million links that I always send him
and they're always links to what?
- tyleroakley.com. - (laughs)
I mean, I'm not that ashamed.
Okay, so is there an animal that
resembles the other person?
Like a little meerkat.
- I was going to say a meerkat for you!
- For me?
- Yeah. - No.
- No, I think it's because like, I do that.
- You are kind of like a lemur-ish,
because you have huge eyes. - Okay, yeah.
I'll gladly take a lemur, those things
are fucking cute as fuck (warrrrr).
- If one of you is good at Photoshop,
make that happen.
- Okay, Tyler, what was our first road trip?
- I don't know. - I mean we went
we've traveled a lot together. - We actually have.
- I mean, we're doing Italy this year.
- Yeah.
- We're doing like a little road trip around Italy.
- Yeah. - That's gonna be fun.
- That'll be fun.
But like, we were talking about how we want
to go to every continent together becuase
that would be fun-- - I mean we're doing--
- Do I want to say that in the camera?
Okay, so the next question, what pisses me off?
- There is no secret to when you are pissed.
It's like, it's on his face--
- I wear my heart on my sleeve,
you can tell if I'm fucking pissed.
- 100%, and it's like, the scariest thing
in the whole world. - (laughs)
'Cause I'll fucking cut a bitch!
- Tyler gets pissed off when I get mad at him.
- I know what pisses you off about me.
When I get like, 'social justice-y' and I'm like,
"That's problematic."
- I'm so done with him. (laughing)
Okay, what is your favorite feature about each other?
- You know what I'll say.
You know what I'm gonna say? - Oh, my smile.
- I like it when--this is like so much right now
but I like his smile when he uses his teeth.
- Because I don't smile with my teeth in photos--
- And I'm like, smile with your teeth, it's cute.
- I like his purple hair,
when he had purple hair but you don't have that anymore,
so it's gone. - So you hate me.
- So I hate you now. (laughing)
Okay, so do we have any nicknames for each other?
Yes. - Yes.
- I call you Troye Sivan.
That's not like a nickname.
It's just your name. - It's my full name.
- Yes.
- It's literally my name.
- I say TroyeSivan.
- Yeah, he says it like that.
And I call Tyler 'Tilly' and sometimes 'Ty'.
- But usually Tilly, right?
- Tilly's like the main one.
- It's weird though because they have started
calling me Tilly ever since you started
calling me Tilly.
It's Troye's name for me.
- That's my nickname, guys.
Don't do dat. - Guys, don't do dat.
- Don't.
- Okay, so what is one food that I do not like?
- What is a food that you do not like?
- You don't like, like shellfish.
Or like, shrimp. - I'm allergic.
- (laughs) So--
- He's like, "Oh, you don't
like shellfish." - So, like.
Okay, so what is your drink of choice?
Yours is easy, and I think I turned you onto it.
It's a BudLite Lime.
- Yeah, and actually, I had it the first time--
- Right there.
- Yeah, on that very couch.
- On that couch.
- And Tyler likes to drink like, whiskey sours.
He likes to make, like, them, like, fancy drinks.
- Any whiskey drink, you're right, yes.
That was easy.
- There is a question in there that says
what is my favorite sports team.
Do we look like-- - No, literally
- we watch sports? - Like, no.
- What is my eye color?
- Like, hazel, right? - What?
- It's like a deep, rich, like hazel brown.
- You're fucking with me right?
- No, it's like brown, like brown-hazel.
- He's fucking with me.
- Behind these hazel eyes.
I swear to you, I was looking at them yesterday.
(Troye sings) They're like, pretty.
Okay, well are we really gonna...
Mine, what color are mine?
You don't know.
- I do, okay, they're like a greeny-blue.
- Green?! Oh my God!
Have you never looked me in the eye?
- Okay, they're-- - Oh my god, wait!
- I have blue eyes! - What?!
- You dick, I thought you were joking.
- Oh my god, you literally have blue eyes.
- I have like the bluest eyes in the
YouTube community!
- Okay Nash Grier. (laughs) - I was like, "Ooh."
Tyler does have like, greeny-blue eyes.
- It's-- - They're like blue.
They're more blue than they are green.
They have like, a couple things of green in.
- Okay, I will give you that yours are not brown.
(laughs) - Like you know my Subway
order but you don't know my eye color.
- Listen, priorities, okay?
- So the next question is, who is your best friend?
Korey-- - I feel like, yeah,
I have a lot of best friends.
You have, like, a couple like--
- Yeah. - Kayla, Blessing.
- I mean, tbh, this is so fuckin' cheesy but like--
- I would, wait, like before you even say it,
I would say like you're my best friend?
- Well, yeah, okay, fine-- - Is that what you
were gonna say? - Tyler is one of my
best friends. - Okay.
You're like, yeah, that's it.
- Can I like vomit now?
- Okay. - Can we stop?
- Vomit in my mouth, big daddy. (laughs)
Okay, so this is not a question but I feel like
it's a good question, what does the other person
track on Tumblr, because I feel like I know
what you track.
I think I remember. - What?
- Can I say it? - I mean.
- Narry smut, do you? (laughs)
Do you still?
I know at one point you did.
- I track Narry smut.
Tyler tracks tyler oakley and zalfie.
- (laughs) I do.
- Okay, the next question is, who has bigger hands?
- Who do you think?
I think you do.
- I think I--
- You totally do, alright, look.
- I have bigger hands. - Yeah, you do.
- Taaaa.
Okay, so the next question-- - Wait, I was doing--
Wait, do it again. (laughs)
- What were you doing? - I was...
(both laugh)
Wait, whose turn is it to ask the next question?
- I don't know.
(both laugh)
- Okay, so here's a question.
Whose parents ship us more?
Clearly, your parents because--
- My parents are like--
- Can I show you this tweet?
Shaun Sivan.
- [Troye] My dad is like the ultimate
Troyler shipper, like more than
any of you guys, 100%.
- My mom, I think she answered it in our video.
- Jackie's like, hella skeptical.
- She just thinks you're too young for me.
But you're pretty mature.
- Jackie. - Jackie.
- What are you doing?
- I mean, Jackie just wants what's best for me.
- So the next question is, who is more ticklish?
And it is definitely me. - It's, yeah.
It's you. - It me.
Don't, Tyler, please. - I won't, I promise.
- Thank you, oh my God no!
(Tyler laughs)
- Okay, so that is all of the questions
of the Boyfriend tag.
I hope you guys liked it.
If you did, you can give it a big thumbs up.
- And in fact, do you know what I think we should do?
- What?
- I think we should try
and get both of these new Troyler videos
to get more thumbs up than the last ones did.
- I mean, if y'all want another set down the line,
just push the thumbs up button.
- Do it. - Just sayin'.
And we filmed another video over on Troye's channel
so you gotta go check that out and subscribe
because he's my favie, but what did we do?
- We did face painting. - Yes.
- We put our arms through each other's shirts
and we did face painting on each other and
it was a grand old time.
- It was, it was perfect.
So go check that out, give it some love,
and subscribe to Troye because he is
one of my favies and I adore him.
- Thank you.
- Fuck off.
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The "Boyfriend" Tag (ft. Troye Sivan) | Tyler Oakley #TROYLER

21708 Folder Collection
vincehuang9921 published on August 13, 2015    Grace Chen translated    Charlene Tai reviewed
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