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Hello my friends and welcome to another Tuesday of tutorial!
I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today we will draw a crystal apple.
To begin, let´s mark where we want the apple to be,
like from here to here, then let´s sketch the roundish shape.
Something like this.
On the upper part, it will have a depression,
and we should make the lower part a little bit thinner.
Let´s draw also the little stick and a leaf.
Very good!
Now we can start coloring with a green marker.
I´ll do it this way, then the top, and then the other side.
Now let´s give it another pass, in a different direction,
this makes it more even and a little bit darker.
Ok! with a darker green we can do some shadows.
With a white pastel I´ll do the brightest highlights,
the pastel doesn´t hold on the pencil therefore I put this pastel
before I draw with any of the color pencils.
Good! And now with the white of the pencil set, let´s do some
softer lights.
This leaves a finish which is not very realistic, but we will handle that,
but now, let´s do some dark reflections with the black,
and with the light green pencil we go over the white to give it a very
nice transparency effect.
This looks so much better than just white, doesn´t it?
To represent the silver finish of the stick and leaf, we use very high
contrast of tones.
I am talking about the white pastel and the black pencil.
The list of materials is in the information bellow the video.
And we can fill it in with different tones of gray.
Very good! I like it how it is looking so far!
Let´s enrich it with some more tones of dark green.
Good! And some more reflections.
It´s time to draw the shadow.
We may do it with just color pencils or also with markers.
I´ll use a green marker for the center, although this may be a little bit more difficult
to blend, if you wish you may just stick with the color pencils for this.
As you saw, on the green I put some gray and white.
And we need some slight green on the outer area.
Very good! We could leave it like this, but I am going to
draw a light background with magenta, I do this hoping that it will increase
the volume and the 3D effect.
Here you have it! It´s an apple baby! [laughs]
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You know where to follow me, the links are bellow.
And I will see you on Tuesday :)
Subtitled by Grethel Trejo
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How to Draw Glass: a Crystal or Acrylic Green Apple - Fine Art-Tips.

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Chamber published on August 13, 2015
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