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  • Well, we like to keep changing things up around here.

  • so, right now, it's time for brand new segment.

  • How many people text with their mothers?

  • Everybody? somebody?

  • It used to be the parents didn't text because they didn't know how

  • but now they do text and still don't know how

  • So, it gave us an idea that the new segment. We're calling word from your mother.

  • I don't know.

  • That I realized that I didn't know the words.

  • Alright.

  • These are the real texts from the real mothers that we found on Instagram.

  • This mom texted a picture with the caption TBT.

  • and he said LoL mom, but it's not Thursday.

  • She said Isn't that turn back time?

  • This is from a Instagram account called Crazy Jewish Mom

  • Katie! I sat next to the nicest young man at Starbucks today.

  • Yale. Lawyer. I showed him your facebook picture and gave him your number.

  • Mom you can't be giving my number out to strangers.

  • YALE

  • (Laughter)

  • Right to it.

  • And here's one more.

  • How make chicken?

  • What?

  • Where buy chicken?

  • Mom, this isn't google.

  • Avacoda

  • If you have a text from your mother, you think that I should see.

  • Please send it to me.

Well, we like to keep changing things up around here.

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