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Well, we like to keep changing things up around here.
so, right now, it's time for brand new segment.
How many people text with their mothers?
Everybody? somebody?
It used to be the parents didn't text because they didn't know how
but now they do text and still don't know how
So, it gave us a idea that the new segment. We're calling word from your mother.
I don't know.
That I realized that I didn't know the words.
These are the real texts from the real mothers that we found on Instagram.
This mom texted a picture with the Captain TBT
and he said LoL mom, but it's not Thursday.
She said Isn't that turn back time?
This is from a Instagram account called Crazy Jewish Mom
Katie! I sat next to the nicest young man at Starbucks today.
Yale. Lawyer. I showed him your facebook picture and gave him your number.
Mom you can't be giving my number out to strangers.
Right to it.
And here's one more.
How make chicken?
Where buy chicken?
Mom, this isn't google.
If you have a text from your mother, you think that I should see.
Please send it to me.
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Word from Your Mother

70443 Folder Collection
Rose published on August 12, 2015    Claire Chi translated    葉子維 reviewed
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