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Hi, I'm Hera, the Goddess !!
Have you ever heard about Greek Mythology ?
Well, you may know that I wasn't always a statue in a Museum
and that every story has a beginning.
In fact, before I became The most popular goddess
and Zeus and I were officially going out
Arghh Kala! Kala !!
AT the VERY Beginning there was Good School!
The high school on Mount Olympus created especially for: descendants of Titans,
and other..mythical creatures.
Oh here, It's me, Eris! probably not the first time you've ever heard of me
well, Sure ! Everybody's heard of Chaos and Discord !
anyway apart from Hera
there are also some other less special cases in GOoD school
like Nymphs
satyrs and centaurs
and my BFF Sfiga the Sphinx
And future gods you've definitely heard of before !
this school year has only just begun
and although it may totally not seem that way
High school life is not always
a piece of pita bread
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GODs School trailer: the teen school life of the Olympian gods

2126 Folder Collection
郭涓汝 published on August 12, 2015
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