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  • If you want to run a tight ship, you need a good captain. Being the boss is more than

  • just telling people what to do. It's time for another good boss, bad boss.

  • Good Boss: Gives credit to his employees for their hard work. And I just wanted to thank everyone

  • again, especially Lindsay here for putting this whole event and organization together

  • so great job. Bad Boss, Takes credit from his employees for himself. Well, it would

  • have been nice if she had stepped up. But I made it happen. Self five.

  • Good Boss - Thinks positively and inspires his team. Well, that call didn't go as planned. But at least we

  • can learn from it and be better next time. Bad Boss. Thinks negatively and lowers his

  • teams morale. DOOMED WE'RE ALL DOOMED! Good Boss. Delegates tasks and instils trust in

  • his team. You can take care of this Josh. I'm sure you can handle it.

  • Bad Boss. Micro-manages tasks and creates stress for his team. You can take care of that. Actually, why don't

  • you change that, fix that, uh, move that over. And, actually you just move over.

  • Good Boss: Engages with employees and pays attention to their needs. Hey Alex, how was your weekend?

  • You went to the Poconos right? Bad Boss. Focuses on himself and pretends he cares about what

  • people say. Hey you, how's it going? Not great. My aunt Lucille had a ski accident this weekend.

  • Uh, yeah that's great. Well, keep up the good work. Good Boss. Helps outline your strengths and weaknesses using positive reinforcement.

  • Hey Kris, just wanted to notice something here, I've noticed you aren't reaching your sales quotas this quarter,

  • so we could take some time talk about the strategy and get it back on track. Yeah, sounds great. Thank you!

  • Bad Boss. Ignores your strengths and negatively reinforces your weaknesses. Looks like you're not gonna meet your monthly sales quota, I

  • don't really care why but just get it done. Are we clear? Yeah. So there you have it, these

  • are the most important characteristics of a good boss and a bad boss. Real life is a

  • little more in between, but if you're looking to create an environment that is enjoyable

  • and productive for your employees, the answer is simple. Don't be a bad boss.

  • Hey you, how's it going? You totally splashed me Rahul. What? I didn't splash you. There's no water.

If you want to run a tight ship, you need a good captain. Being the boss is more than

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Are You a Good Boss or a Bad Boss?

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    VoiceTube posted on 2015/09/13
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