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  • Hi I'm Danielle from Stuff It...Go Travelling and today I wanted to talk about some of the

  • pros and cons to living in Sydney, Australia.

  • I've been in Sydney now for two years and there's heaps that I love but there's also

  • some things I don't love.

  • So let's discuss those in more detail.

  • Number 1 is a pro. Sydney has a kick-ass lifestyle. There is a lot to see and do here, so you'll never be bored.

  • never be bored.

  • There's always a show to see, there's always a restaurant to eat at, a bar to experience. An endless list of attractions to do.

  • You've got the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Luna Park, Cockatoo Island,.

  • The world's largest IMAX theatre, Darling Harbour. It just goes on and on and on.

  • Number 2 is a con. With a kick-ass lifestyle it also comes with a hefty price tag as well.

  • It's super expensive to live here in Sydney.

  • At the moment we're going through a crazy property frenzy. Median house prices are a

  • million dollars. Who has that kind of funds - I don't know.

  • And, in terms of rent, it's also expensive. So your paying $450-550 per week for a no

  • frills type of apartment, and that's a one bedroom apartment by the way.

  • In terms of if you want to go out and attractions. A ticket per person to go to the movies is

  • about $20pp.

  • If your going out for drinks and you want a cocktail is average $15-17 per cocktail.

  • Beers and wine is around the $10 mark.

  • Number 3 is a pro. Sydney is a stunning city.

  • It is located on the harbour therefore it has stunning views. In terms of the weather

  • it's quiet moderate.

  • The humidity isn't as bad as Queensland, so your hair sits better and your skin doesn't

  • breakout as much.

  • And in the winter, yeah it's a little cold but it's not as cold as Melbourne.

  • We've got some of the world's best beaches.

  • In the east you have Bondi, also got Coogee.

  • In the north you've go the likes of Palm Beach where they film Home & Away.

  • Manly, Freshwater and in the south you have Cronulla and Marouba.

  • My 4th and final item is a con. It is a nightmare to get around in Sydney.

  • Obviously when I first came here that was the biggest shock.

  • Sydney is a bit stuck in the past with its transport. It relies heavily on buses and

  • cars and therefore brings congestion.

  • They do also have trains and ferries. Trains there a bit inflexible, there not like the

  • tube (London), so that's obviously a negative.

  • They've also got ferries but again, there services are quiet inflexible and expensive.

  • So just say your wanting to travel to Manly from Circular Quay which is a very popular

  • service.

  • By ferry its about $7.18 (Opal card), whereas if you catch the bus it's $4.50.

  • Overall there my pros and cons for living in Sydney. If you enjoyed this video be sure

  • to give me a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe and comment below.

  • And to follow this I will post a video around tips and hints to help you move and live in

  • the Harbour City.

  • So until then bye!

Hi I'm Danielle from Stuff It...Go Travelling and today I wanted to talk about some of the

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