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-Hey, hey, guys, we're back with more Minecraft,
and I'm gonna make fried chicken! [laughs]
Come back here, chicky!
Come on-- aw, man.
Maybe I should just build a KFC instead. [laughs]
I don't have 13 herbs and spices
but I do have 40 bricks of TNT! [laughs]
All right, one, two, nah, three,
nah, four. Let's do four.
Don't want to overdo it.
What's going on--whoa! [explosions]
Whoa! Just like Colonel Sanders used to make it.
Aw, there's nothing but chicken nuggets here. Meh.
Come here, chicky, chicky, chicky.
Come here, chicky, chicky. I want fried chicken!
I want fried chicken!
[chicken squawking] Oh! Oh no!
Uh-oh. Uh-oh.
Oh, chicken butt.
All right, let's swap feather for leather.
Hey, horsey, whatcha doin'?
Whatcha doin'? Come here.
[horse neighing] Hey, where are you going?
I'm just "horsing" around. [laughs]
If you can't stand the heat, get out of the Minecraft. [laughs]
Hey, is that the werewolf from Twilight?
Hey, Jacob, guess what. I'm on Team Edward. [laughs]
New Moon sucks! [laughs]
[ka-boom!] Whoa!
♪ I'm TNT, I'm dynamite ♪
♪ I'm TNT, just lookin' for a bite ♪
♪ Of chicken ♪ [laughs]
Where you at, chicken? Oh, there you are. I see you.
Here, come and play on the TNT. It's totally safe; I promise.
Chicken butt. Chicken butt!
Chicken butt! Chicken butt!
Come on!
It's time for splody time.
Okay, whoa, run away! Aah! [ka-boom!]
Whoa, whoa. Splody time.
Wow, that was a big--
I just blew the crap out of everything, didn't I?
♪ Some TNT, I'm dynamite ♪
♪ TNT, I've got an overbite ♪
♪ TNT, I may be a noob ♪
♪ TNT, but I still got the boom ♪ [laughs]
[multiple explosions] Oh! Whoa-ho! Aah! Hey.
♪ When the moon hits your eye like a giant square Lego pie ♪
♪ That's a-Minecraft ♪ [laughs]
Whoa! Holy giant hole, Batman!
Ew! More slimy blocks!
Get away! Get away, slimy blocks.
Why are you jumping at me? Oh!
Mini zombie? Get out of here!
Eat dynamite!
Sneak attack no fair. Oh! Aah!
[vocalizes Batman theme]
♪ TNT! ♪
[vocalizes Batman theme]
♪ TNT! ♪ [laughs]
[vocalizes Batman theme]
♪ TNT! ♪
Hey, piggy.
Piggy, get down from there. You're gonna get hurt.
Piggy, get down! [laughs] Told ya.
It's not the big bad wolf that's gonna get you guys.
It's the giant TNT wall I'm building. [laughs]
Oh, I can already smell the bacon already.
Get out of my way, piggy. [laughs]
A little bit more TNT never hurt anyone.
That's what I say. That's what I always say.
You guys know that. I say it every day.
All the time, every minute of every hour of every second
of every day of every year. Hmm, more TNT.
Sorry. Maybe that's enough. [laughs devilishly]
Maybe not. Okay. Here we go!
Oh! Whoa! Whoa! [multiple explosions]
Hey, you guys ever wonder
♪ What does the cow say? ♪
Yeah, me neither.
It's a "moot" point. [laughs]
Speaking of which,
♪ Moo cow, don't you bother me ♪
♪ Moo cow, don't bother me ♪
♪ Moo cow, don't bother me or I'll blow you to smithereens ♪
Hey, hey, who here wants some hamburgers?
[explosions] Whoa!
Oh man. That was "udderly" despicable. [laughs]
Sorry, sorry. I know.
I need to quit "milking" this joke. [laughs]
I can't stop! [laughs]
Aah, hamburgers! Aah, cow butts!
I'm surprised I haven't been arrested yet.
Good thing everything's made out-- hey!
[rain pouring] What the?
Hey, who turned on the waterworks? No fair.
How am I supposed to blow stuff up?
Whoa! It's a mythical sheep island.
[laughs] What a coincidence.
I've always wanted to blow one of those up.
♪ TNT for me ♪
♪ TNT for you ♪
♪ TNT for me ♪
♪ TNT for you ♪
Well, mostly for you. [laughs]
Don't worry, sheep. This won't hurt one bit.
It's gonna be fine.
[brutal explosions] Oh-ho-ho-ho! Whoa!
All right, I don't know about you guys,
but if there's one thing I hate, it's mountains.
Get rid of them! I call this TNT mountain.
What do you guys think? Pretty cool, huh?
All right, let's do it.
One... two...
three! Aah!
All right. Let's see what's gonna happen.
It's splody time! [continuous explosions]
Whoa! Wow.
Well, that's one way to get rid of a mountain. [laughs]
All right, guys, that does it for this episode of Minecraft.
If you want me to build something awesome,
let me know what you want me to build in the comments below
and I will next episode.
This episode I had to blow stuff up. It happens. [laughs]
All right, guys. Later, taters.
[explosions, screams]
Oh, man!
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[yelps] No! I'm in water!
I'm in the water; I can't swim!
Oh, wait. Oh wait, I'm fine.
All right. Poppy? More like hoppy. [laughs]
Whee! Is this the point of the game?
What am I supposed to do?
All right. Time to smash things with a flower. [laughs]
Seriously, what's the point of this game?
[laughs] Knife!
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Annoying Orange Let's Play Minecraft #2: TNT Revenge!!!

1574 Folder Collection
R.K published on August 9, 2015
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