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  • On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Laura Banford and I'm going to show you how to make super

  • lasagna and Caesar salad. I'm going to make a Caesar salad for two, so I only need one

  • head of romaine lettuce. You have to cut the romaine correctly so you don't end up with

  • a lot of ribs. You don't want just ribs. You want the actual leafs, right? Some ribs, but

  • not all ribs. Let's cut the bottom off. We don't need that. What we're going to do is

  • line up our leaves. Find leaves that are kind of the same size like that. Line them up exactly

  • so that you can slice out some of the more sturdy bottom ribs and get rid of those. I

  • did that once. Let's so it again. If you line them up, it goes faster. Cut them out like

  • that and get rid of them. That way you know you're not going to be stuck with a lot of

  • ribs for your delicious Caesar salad that's going to go along with this killer lasagna.

  • Cut out some of the ribs like that. Let's do it one more time. Now we're left with more of the leaves. The

  • traditional way to chop romaine is line them up again and just cut them crosswise into

  • shreds like that. You have the dark green all the way to the pale green, or almost white,

  • and that's fine. That gives a little bit of varied look to your salad. We're almost done

  • with this one head. As you can see, it looks like just enough for a Caesar salad for two.

  • When we come back, we're going to make the dressing for our salad.

On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Laura Banford and I'm going to show you how to make super

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How to Make Lasagna & Caesar Salad : How to Chop Romaine Lettuce for a Caesar Salad

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    Elizabeth Lin posted on 2015/08/09
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