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Hello everyone. We are VIXX
Hello everyone, I am VIXX's leader N
You are so beautiful
Hello everyone, I am Hongbin. Happy Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai (May you be prosperous)
Hello everyone, I am VIXX's cute Ken
Happy Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai
Hello everyone I am VIXX's rapper Ravi
Happy Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai. I love hotpot
Hello everyone I'm VIXX's maknae Hyuk
Happy Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai
Please take care of me
Hello everyone, I am VIXX's main vocal Leo. Thank you
When we talk about Beijing, it has to be about the famous food right
Beijing roast duck
Yes Beijing roast duck is very famous
We went there yesterday right
Yes we went to eat hotpot
Hotpot is really delicious
I really like Beijing's food
I want to eat Beijing roast duck
Oh then could we go to eat now?
I want to eat hotpot too
Oh will buy it for us? Really? Will buy for us?
Ravi: I love Hotpot
Beijing roast duck, will buy all for us?
They said they would buy for us~
Ravi hyung please perform a duck for us~
We can find "tang hu lu" if we walk straight
Should we walk that way?
Like that
(Hongbin: Seriously finding; N: Browsing the view)
Oh it looks delicious
How delicious... fried chicken
"How much", do we say it like this?
[Practicing] "How much(in Chinese)"
Oh! No no...
Cotton Candy x 4
(What do you want?)
Cotton Candy
(No Cotton Candy here)
Oh thank you
(Oppa why can't you figure out up-or-down?)
Where is this? "Tang hu lu"
Thank you thank you
Wow good job! OK!
(A Team seems to get into trouble, asking for directions doesn't help)
Seems not this side
(It should taste really good since it's so difficult to find)
But after we buy this
Double-layered steam milk is in the opposite direction
Cute cute
(Cute? Are you talking about my doggie?)
Oh! It's my shoes
Look at this
$395, so expensive
(Don't you still have missions?)
(We don't have it for now)
Hyuk: Ok....
Ken: How much?
(We don't have it now yet...)
Yes, we are not open yet
(In two different worlds)
Oh, no Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy x 2
If i shout like this would Cotton Candy appear?
Cotton Candy x N
It's so difficult to find
Chinese roll with paste?
Chinese roll with paste, this one
Is it this one?
(Yes) OK!
(Do you want meat or vegetables?)
(Why can't we buy it even when it's so close to us?) What???
(What's happening)
The Chinese roll right in front
No no, she is asking us which type we want
(Team C who lost speaking abilities)
Thank you
Hyung please receive it
(Mission completed - Chinese roll with paste)
Oh, this this
This, should be this one?
Not this one?
Should be this one
Marshmallow x 2
One, oh, two
Which one do you want?
This one this one
Cotton.... Cotton Candy
(So amazing)
It looks delicious
(Mission completed - Cotton Candy)
This is so hot
Then eat it
This? OK
Actually it's the first time I eat Chinese roll with paste
How delicious would it be?
It's a bit like dumplings
Ken hyung, this tastes like our 부추빵 (a special brand of bread)
(C Team completes their first mission fastest and starts to find the second food)
Ah, no no no
It looks quite delicious
Cotton Candy x 2
(No findings)
Cotton Candy x 2
Because they walked to the wrong direction
The "tang hu lu" that they carry is NOT the food required
Tang hu lu
(Hidden foodaholic boss appears)
This tastes really good
We have to find a red thing first
Can we find it like this?
If we talk this way I guess we should find it
What is this?
(Up front, to the right)
Thank you
Oh, thank you
(Team C that completes the first mission quickest, but has no progress since then. This is their Nth shop)
Cotton Candy?
(Has the God of Luck left them?)
Cotton Candy x2
Give me this
Give me
This type this type
Wa, thank you
(Mission completed- both)
(How is B Team that N is leading?)
Wa, is this candy?
(This is the Nth shop that they shop for leisure)
We have no time
49 , 49 (dollars)
[Excited] Here here
This this
(Old Beijing fried sausage)
Fried sausage x 2
Give one fried sausage
Didn't we pass through here just now?
Should we eat something good?
(No we can't)
Ravi in coldness and hunger
(Leo who looks focused to complete the mission)
[Fried chicken]
Just now we walked through this way
From this way?
No, we came from this way just now
Oh that is "Han Xiang Guan (a restaurant)"
Oh did we pass by double-layered steam milk
Oh we seem to have past by it
We seem to be on the wrong direction, missing double-layered steam milk
Oh! Here
[Can't believe his eyes, re-confirming]
Oh, it's here
We walked the opposite direction
Tang hu lu, oh oh
Tang hu lu, how much is tang hu lu?
One, one
Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Happy Chinese New Year, woo~
You finished buying both?
Happy Chinese New Year! Thank you! Sorry!
Thank you. Thank you
(Mission completed - Tang hu lu)
Team A finding their 2nd mission / Team B waiting for the last mission / Team C completed and going back to starting point
Hongbin Hongbin
Look at this look at this
(Mission completed - Both)
Xin fu nai (pronouncing wrongly ㅋㅋ)
Xing pi nai (still wrong ㅋㅋ)
Double-layered steam milk (Correct!ㅋㅋ)
But could we eat this?
Should be alright if we eat this?
Double-layered steam milk
[God please tell me where is it]
[On the other hand, Team B and C who completed their missions are playing rock, paper, scissors to choose one person to buy good food]
One person has to buy
Is it okay to go alone?
Buy more good food
Isn't it next to this?
Isn't this the place we just past by
This is next to where we bought tang hu lu (first mission)
(Mission completed - both)
Though I like hotpot, but Beijing Opera
Oh, Beijing Opera
[Ravi... face-changing belongs to Sichuanese opera...]
All looks the same
Please show us
[Cute cute cute cute]
What hyungs said are too traditional
No matter what I am very young
Just a little younger
Korean teens like going to Hongdae
Do you know where Beijing teens like to go?
San Li Tun
Oh thank you
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[ENG SUB] 150223 VIXX Chinese New Year Special in Beijing

963 Folder Collection
李嘎桀 published on August 7, 2015
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