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Human beings simply aren't built to function
at the cruising altitude of a 747.
Everest is, without doubt, the most dangerous place on Earth.
Thank you. Don't do that to me again!
You're ok? Yeah...
I wish I was with you.
One day you, me, and our little Sarah will all go climbing together
It hurts, it's dangerous
Woah! Hey!
We've got something. Hold on!
Here I come! Good, okay.
Alright, steady up! Woo!
I've gotta ask the question. You know I do.
I have kids.
They see that a regular guy can follow impossible dreams
maybe they'll do the same. Ahhh
Now we're at the top of Everest, Helen. We've made it! -Yay!!
Alright guys, time to go home!
Looking good, Mac
Looking good.
Woah!!! - A little help?! Help! Help!
Let go of the rope. You've got to get yourself down.
There's a massive storm headed your way.
Oh, no.
Keep moving!
Stop! That's the wrong way!
Let's go, hurry up!!
There's no oxygen.
Can you hear me? You've got to get moving. You've got to come on down.
Rob, get up!
Get out there, I need help!
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Everest – Official IMAX Trailer (HD)

26213 Folder Collection
Charlene Tai published on August 9, 2015    葉子維 translated    Charlene Tai reviewed
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