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  • The food here in Taiwan is a fusion between Chinese and Japanese influences.

  • We're gonna check out some of this country's specialties and get a real taste of Taiwan.

  • Taiwan is known for its street food

  • and there are tons to try out.

  • They've got sausages, oyster omelettes, stinky tofu.

  • All kinds of crazy treats.

  • There's a big crowd here and that means, well I think they are making some tasty food.

  • Peanut ice cream in a spring roll thing.

  • It's good, that's really good.

  • Bubble tea, you've seen it all over the world,

  • but you probably didn't know it was invented here in Taiwan.

  • So when you come here you gotta check it out.

  • It's refreshing and it tastes absolutely amazing.

  • Making Bubble tea in Taiwan baby, yeah

  • High five, there we go.

  • So right here we have Taiwanese caviar.

  • Teppanyaki in Taiwan is so fun to watch.

  • Not only does our chef make everything delicious,

  • he also makes every dish into a work of art.

  • Look at that, I love you.

  • Shrimp fishing is very popular all over Taiwan,

  • and it's a fun way to enjoy lunch.

  • The shrimps taste so much better when you've earned it.

  • I did a good job cooking this bad boy.

  • Mm, hot shrimp baby!

  • Modern toilet, what?

  • This toilet themed restaurant is one of the most popular places to eat in all of Taiwan.

  • Everything is toilet themed.

  • From the menu to the decor, the seats.

  • Even the dish they use to serve you.

  • Weirdest restaurant in the world.

  • I don't get it, but sometimes the best things in life are unexplainable.

  • Taiwan is also home to the world famous soup filled dumplings made at Din Tai Fung restaurant.

  • So the way you eat this is,

  • you poke a little hole, you let the juice come out

  • and then you just put it to you mouth, mm!

  • Taiwanese food is absolutely amazing,

  • and there are so many ways to experience it.

  • So don't hold back, get in there and check it all out.

  • Give your taste buds a thrill.

The food here in Taiwan is a fusion between Chinese and Japanese influences.

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A Taste of Taiwan

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