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We are hanging out with ICE T and last time we have learned something very interesting about what you hear
This is that, you are not only a rapper and an actor
but it seem like you also did a lot of voice for cartoons
I thought everybody knew that
No, I don't know why
No, I grow up watching a lot of these cartoons as a kid to be has no ideas that the voice was you
You doesn't recognize my voice then, now you probably will
What's from now, I think I can hear a little bit. I actually have a few clips even in here
which one ICE T is the first one from Care Bears remember that?
See if you can to recognize ICE T and Care Bears
I wonder why Grumpy called us here so late at night?
What is it about?
yoyoyo! Why don't you all quit your moaning and check this out.
That's really something. What is it?
What's the hell it look like? I turned this roomba to a bomb.
The blue one, the blue one. You are the blue guy,
That was good. That was yeah.
That was based on the true story.
I don't think so.
Here is another one you did this one from the eighties cartoon Smurfs. I love the Smurfs.
Yeah, that's my favorite. Check this out.
Papa Smurf, I don't feel so good.
I think I know what the problem is. You need the man of ** up.
I suggest a big smack on your ass.
I mean. That's it. Come on baby. Come on
Come on. Don't leave. Max, over here. This doesn't really work.
I didn't know that you were papa smurf. I didn't know it.
You know. Now you understand.
We have one more clip in here, this is actually what a current children's cartoon.
I didn't know you are still doing this. Dora the explorer.
You did this one last week. Watch this, that's exciting.
Here you go.
Damn, I thought Jimmy fallon was the only pussy with the broken hand.
I didn't know you gonna see that one, Jimmy.
Many tell us thank you, ICE T.
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Ice T Re-Voices Care Bears, The Smurfs and Dora the Explorer

18099 Folder Collection
Claire Chi published on August 11, 2015    Claire Chi translated    Grace Chen reviewed
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