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  • In the beginning, there was nothing

  • an infinite light, then in an instant, everything on command came into being.

  • The Big Bang, the birth of time itself

  • chaos sent beauty, a beauty that created infinite galaxies

  • galaxies that one day create the unimaginable

  • Life, but even more incredible

  • The human brain

  • the pinnacle of millions of years of revolution

  • the brain that processes the power of reason

  • and the ability to ponder life's most ancient riddles

  • Why are we here?

  • Is there intelligent life beyond our galaxy?

  • or the one question

  • that has puzzled mankind since the beginning of time

  • If God exists, why did he make ugly people?

  • two hunderd Lander?

  • No, Derek, 2 Lander, it's like a pun

  • but I don't spell my name with the 2?

  • Fine. How about Zoolander II?

  • No, Zoolander 2 but with Roman numeral

  • but I'm not Italian

  • Jesus, you are so freaking stupid. It's insane.

In the beginning, there was nothing

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B2 US lander infinite beauty numeral unimaginable intelligent life

【搞笑預告片來襲】《名模大間諜2》裡的Derek有什麼新招呢?Zoolander 2 - Official Teaser

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    Claire Chi posted on 2015/08/05
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