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♪ (old-school video game music) ♪
"Octodad: Dadliest Catch."
What the heck?
I love this game and I'm bad at it.
(Finebros) Today you're gonna be playing one
of the downloadable content shorts for Octodad, Medical Mess.
"Medical Mess".
What even is this?
(little girl) Um... Tommy... what's this story about?
- (Tommy) Well-- - It's a story about dad.
- (Tommy) He's in a wrestling ring! - (audience cheers)
He looks tragic.
Wait, why is he in a wrestling ring?
(little girl) Mmm, I think he's at the hospital.
- Okay, we're at the hospital. - (little girl) And he's a nurse!
Well, that's cool.
Why is he a nurse? Why can't he be the doctor?
(little girl) No, he's a nurse and he does nursey things!
"Get to the nurse station."
How do I move?
(Octodad babbles)
Okay, how do you-- (laughs)
(Octodad babbles)
Oh, what the heck?
Okay, that's interesting.
- (Octodad babbles) - Ugh!
This is impossible.
Ooh! Oh.
I can do it. Okay, now I get this.
This is actually really funny.
How do I open the door?
Oh, like that.
This game is weird so far.
Okay, no, no-- right there.
No, no-- oh my gosh. Sorry, man.
Octo-kick! Octo-kick!
What the--?
But I can't. (sharp breath)
This is so hard.
This way, this way. Get to the nurse's station.
So close.
(trophy ding)
Oh, did I do it? Yes.
- (trophy ding) - I'm there!
- (Octodad babbles) - (trophy ding)
(laughs) I feel so bad. I'm just knocking everything over.
- Back up. - (nurse) Ow!
(laughing) Oh, sorry.
"Find the patient records."
I would assume they would be in here.
Sir, how do I...
Excuse me?
Gosh, why does this game have to be so hard?
Yes, no...?
Oh, there-- no.
- Yes! - (little girl) Nurse dad had to go help
- all the patients! - Seriously?
This guy got some dancing feet! Dancing party, yeah-hoo!
(patient) My bottom hurts! Adjust my bed, nurse!
Not with that attitude.
I'm an octopus. Why do you expect me to do that?
- (trophy ding) - (quietly) Yes.
(patient) These melon slices aren't just gonna jump into my mouth!
(in disbelief) Really?
You have arms too, you know.
I don't like you.
I need to feed the watermelon to him,
but I can't get the fork.
This guy's mean. All right.
- (splattering) - Oops.
Open wide! Here comes the plane.
I'm trying to give you your food, dude.
Don't-- go.
It's so hard!
You know what?
I don't even feel guilty 'cause this guy's a jerk.
This is so hard. I don't like playing this.
We can move it? There!
Here is your fork.
(patient eats noisily)
- Hey! - (fork clatters)
Oh, finally.
(patient) My IV looks low. Change it already!
Okay, I'll change your IV.
"Get patient 205 a new IV." What's an IV?
IV-- oh. Sweet!
No! I don't want that.
(testily) Let go of the cabinet. It's the wrong one.
Uh huh, and then...
(bangs cabinet door)
(grumbles in frustration)
It keeps closing.
(sharp breath) I want that.
Get-Get your foot out of there. There we go.
Hey, I know you want it.
- (IV hums) - (patient) Now get outta here!
- I'm sick of your face! - I'm sick of YOUR face, okay?
You're not nice.
- (patient) I'm sick of your face. - I'm sick of yours.
(Tommy) OOO, the phone rings!
Oh gosh. Where's the phone?
Where's the phone?
Phone, oh phone?
There's the phone.
Pick up the phone.
- (phone rings) - (in game) and on the phone--
Is dad's long lost brother.
I've always wanted a brother.
(on phone) Dad, it's your long lost brother!
One of your patients is going into cardiac arrest!
(over intercom) Patient alert in room 205!
Ugh, 205 is that jerk.
- (alarm blaring) - Oh my god.
I just helped you. Why?
Cardiac arrest. His heart stopped working.
Cardiac arrest. It thought it was a Cadillac.
- (alarm blares) - Ew! Up, up, up!
Get up! Get up, get up, get up.
Get up. Up, up.
I'm trying to save you, jerk.
He's like a puppet.
- (trophy ding) - Finally.
"Get him to the prep room."
Where's the prep room? This guy's heavy.
I think it's this way. Yeah.
Hey, I found you again. Hey, lady.
No, don't step into my gurney. It's my gurney.
Dude, lady, come on. Get out of my way.
(laughing) Oh no.
"Get into the prep room." Am I in the prep room?
(trophy ding)
"Get him on the OR table." Which is where?
Oh, right there.
All right, down. Oh, no! (laughs)
Come on, Octodad. You're strong. You got this.
Don't-- Ooh!
- And then right... - (trophy ding)
Get up. You're on the table.
- Now get up. - (trophy ding)
(exhales sharply)
"Page Dr. Nigel."
Wait, call him?
(gasps) Oh, right here.
(pager boops)
(over intercom) You have pressed all the buttons.
(over intercom) Please try again.
Do I have to keep trying all of these?
(pager boops)
(man) Hello? Who is this? Joe? Stop calling!
No, I need your help, Dr. Nigel.
- (over intercom) Paging Dr. Nigel. - Yes! Got him.
Dr. Nigel.
Waiting for Dr. Nigel.
- (gasps) He's here. - (trophy ding)
(little girl) And then the doctor came in!
And he was famous!
"X-ray the patient."
There's an X-ray, I think.
Why isn't Dr. Nigel helping me?
Excuse me, Dr. Nigel?
(moaning) Pull! Pull!
I don't like this game.
- (Dr. Nigel) Ow! - (gasps) Oh, sorry.
Put that right there.
Wait, I think I need to press a button.
Oh no.
What did I do?
(X-ray machine hums)
- (trophy ding) - (sigh of relief)
Is it working?
- (X-ray machine hums) - Yes, it worked.
A bone saw.
(X-ray machine hums)
Where is the bone saw?
(Octodad babbles)
The bone saw is... this just happened.
(little girl) Where does dad find a bone saw?
(Tommy) In a box somewhere.
Oh, come on! In the waste bin?
Ow! Ow! It hurts.
Aah, the pain!
Yes, got it. Yeah, whoo-hoo.
There it is. I've got it.
- (trophy ding) - (Dr. Nigel) Excuse me!
(little girl) Then it was time for surgery!
- And dad got... - I got this.
..all up in some guts!
Oh! So it turns out the man was a robot all along!
That explains why he was so rude.
(robotic voice) Beep boop! What is love?
Whoa! Plot twist.
(in game) So now the surgery can begin!
Oh, begin surgery.
I've never performed surgery on a robot before.
"Hand Nigel a tool."
Here's this thing.
(trophy ding)
- (trophy ding) - Oh.
Opening the chest plate.
- Go up. - (trophy ding)
Let that go.
This part is fun now. The other parts were so hard.
Almost done. Almost done.
- (Dr. Nigel grunts) - (trophy ding)
"Wipe Nigel's forehead."
Where's-- oh, there's the top.
(rummaging through bolts)
In my arm.
Okay, there.
(little girl) And in his chest they find...
a broken heart!
(sarcastically) Wow!
- (Tommy) So broken it goes crazy flying-- - Got it.
(in game) And then all his arms and legs go kabloom
all over the place!
Well, I got the heart, so here you are, Nigel.
That's so sad.
(Tommy) And then all his arms and legs go kabloom all over the place!
"Catch that heart." How do I catch the heart?
Where's the heart? No, stop moving around.
Why is it moving around so much?
Aah, come back here.
- Come on! I can do this. - (heart thumps)
- I hear it. It's right there. - (heart thumps)
I'm trying! I'm not that fast.
It's right there. Go.
Space bar.
(anxious gasping)
(short gasp)
- (trophy ding) - (panting)
I got it.
- (heart thumping) - Here's the heart.
- No! Take-- there you go. - (trophy ding)
"Attach the robot limbs."
I'm going to attach the limbs to the dead robot.
Okay, space bar. Up. Over.
Leg, it's a leg, it's a leg.
It's a leg. There we go.
Get that.
(whispering) Yeah, there we go.
(soft breath) So good! So good at this.
- (whirring) - Yes.
I really hope that was the right limb or else that would've been bad.
No, go up!
- (whirring) - Yes. I did it.
- (screeching noise) - Yay.
- (alarm warning) - (sighs) Okay, what's next?
- (alarm warning) - Is he working?
What's going on?
(little girl) Okay. The guy's not a robot any more.
'Cause that's just exactly how it works.
- "Diferbler"-- "Defribler". - (heart monitor goes haywire)
I always have-- "Defribalate" him.
What does "Defliberate" the patient--
(gasps) Oh, never mind.
I think I found out what the "defliberator" thingamajigger is.
Oh no, not the ironing thing. I don't like that thing.
That's so weird.
- Up, up, go! Over. - (heart monitor goes haywire)
- Clear! - (defibrillator buzzes)
- (defibrillator charges up) - Oh my gosh. Are you kidding?
- (heart monitor goes haywire) - I just shocked him.
- Yeah, there we go. - (trophy ding)
- (defibrillator charges up) - Again! Jeez.
- (defibrillator buzzes) - Yay!
"High five Nigel."
I have to give him a high five.
I got this-- (laughs).
High five.
Oop, that's a high slap to the face.
(Tommy) And then dad and the famous doctor high fived!
Whoa! Down low.
This is the most challenging part, low fiving the doctor.
Now I have to low high five Nigel.
(Tommy) Uh... more than once!
Uh... (grunts)
- Yay, there we go. - (trophy ding)
"Put patient in wheelchair." Okay.
Grab him by the face.
Eh! Eh.
Come on, buddy.
Oh my gosh.
Get in the chair, then it'll all be okay.
(giggling) What?
- Yes! - (little girl) And dad brought
the not-a-robot-anymore patient back to his room safely.
I hope he doesn't fall off. That'd be sad.
He's gonna fall off, isn't he?
Strut, strut, strut.
There we go. Almost there.
This guy's been a pain since I met him.
Pardon me.
Oh my gosh.
(grunts) Get the thing away from me!
We're inside of the room now.
- (trophy ding) - (Tommy) But dad caught unicornitus
from that alien lady and the only cure for unicornitus
is... jetskis!
(Tommy) So he bought us some sweet jetskis!
(little girl) The end.
So this story made absolutely no sense.
I finished!
(gasps) I finished.
It was really fun. I wish my dad was an octopus.
I think it's crazy, but it's funny at the same time.
(spluttering lips)
Thanks for watching another episode of Gaming
here on the React channel.
Comment below other games you'd like to see us play.
Goodbye. I wonder if my dad's an octopus.
♪ (old-school video game music) ♪
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OCTODAD (Kids React: Gaming)

1188 Folder Collection
Connor-Y-Tsou published on August 4, 2015
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