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  • Hey, it's Kassie! Stress is something that has ruined my day more than once, so here are six

  • simple yet effective things I do to make make my day little happier.

  • And they're not all chocolate; if you counted there are seven of them. Well...

  • three now. I got a little stressed making this video, but ANYWAY. Chocolate has a pretty bad

  • reputation, but has potential to be very good thing in moderation. Cacao beans are high

  • in magnesium, which North Americans tend to be deficient in.

  • Magnesium de-stresses us...

  • it's also high in oleic acid, the same monounsaturated fat that people love olive oil for.

  • along with being very high in antioxidants some research also suggests

  • that dark chocolate is a appetite suppressant. The higher percentage of cacao

  • in chocolate, the better. In its healthiest state, it's raw and vegan with no factory

  • made sweeteners in it.

  • A year ago, I developed an interest in a man named Matthieu Ricard,

  • a molecular geneticist turned Tibetan monk. The University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • conducted a so-called happiness test and he scored significantly higher than

  • average

  • he is deemed by many to be the happiest man in the world!

  • I'm prone to stress, I was actually diagnosed with anxiety and it's rooted in over thinking

  • over analyzing and being too caught up in everyday life, it's almost like a

  • constant state of paranoia.

  • Guided meditation in later self-induced meditation has put me in a state of

  • calmness like nothing else ever has.

  • I used to think meditation was kind of a joke but it has really changed my

  • perspective on existence and prompted me to take the time to stop getting so

  • consumed in everyday struggles just for a little while.

  • Mealtime has become an important part of the day for me and it's not just a

  • time to indulge and eat things that will hurt me in the long run anymore.

  • Health begins on my plate, so I treat mealtime as a keystone to my day and a

  • time when I'm in complete control of choosing what to fuel and nourish my

  • body with. If i eat unhealthy food I feel tired and I don't sleep as well and the

  • human body responds to stress with a hormone called cortisol.

  • Cortisol stimulates fat production so to avoid that I eat well, I sleep well and

  • I'm kind to my body.

  • Food is important and eating well is a great source of relaxation to me.

  • If you want to know what I'm eating, I steamed some vegetables and some dumplings

  • and I put some raspberries in water, blended it up... and put some cayenne pepper

  • and apple cider vinegar in a little bowl as a dipping sauce

  • and this is one of the most delicious things I eat!

  • Careful Kassie, that's a big ol' bite!

  • She doesn't even care.

  • Getting started is the hardest part of actually doing something, people love

  • having a sense of accomplishment, even if it's something very small easy so I

  • like to get things out of the way and start new tasks. Starting an essay, researching my

  • interests, responding to emails, or picking up a challenging book for the

  • first time is just the beginning of an obsession for me, and I feel really good

  • every time a complete something. Leisure that involves no effort on my part like

  • watching tv makes me feel good for the moment but not in the long run. So I try to be

  • productive even when I'm stressed and keep the mindless leisure very close to bed-

  • time

  • Intense interval training is all well and good but sometimes when you're

  • stressed the best thing to do is avoid the gym and just get outside with your animal, go for a

  • walk with a friend or just find a good place to be along with your thoughts. I

  • have a mindset in the gym that I'm just there to have the most intense workout

  • possible. So when I'm stressed, I like to find active yet fun and relaxing

  • things to do

  • Yoga is an amazingly relaxing thing to do just by yourself and perfect

  • strength training.

  • Exercise releases endorphins and refreshes your skin

  • it's also great to burn off excess stored energy that you ate but aren't

  • working to burn.

  • One of the easiest ways to de-stress is to live in the present, if you have anything

  • in the past that's bothering you, apologize and mean it. Don't ever apologize

  • if you expect an apology back.

  • Part of apologizing is speaking for yourself and taking responsibility. It's doing

  • right by your own mistakes

  • Apologize to be at peace with yourself, you're not in charge of other people's

  • burdens.

  • I hope this helps you like it helped me, stress kills you, so manage it

  • strategically! Thanks for watching, bye!

Hey, it's Kassie! Stress is something that has ruined my day more than once, so here are six

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6 Simple & Natural Ways to Relieve Stress

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