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The President: After the sixth time,
I suspect that I'm a little more relaxed
and a little better at it than I was
the first time out.
But you never get completely used to it.
There's a certain pageantry to it.
Sergeant at Arms announces you, you're walking
down that aisle, and you're reminded of the incredible
privilege that you have in being the president.
And hopefully all the members of Congress who are there
are reminded that, you know, we get these positions
for a (inaudible) amount of time and we've got
to make the most of it when we have it.
Anybody who is a sports fan knows that you've got
to play the whole game and over the last six years
we have been weighed down by the legacy of the worst
financial crisis since the Great Depression.
And because of the incredible grit
and resilience of the American people,
America is now in position to really turn the page.
Last year was the best job growth we had seen
since the 1990s.
The unemployment rate has now dropped down to 5.6 %.
We've seen manufacturing come back; we have
cut our deficits.
Gas prices have dropped.
And so, we are well positioned for the future,
but the key is making the right choices.
And so, this State of the Union gives me an opportunity
to present to the American people, now that we have
fought our way through the crisis, how do we make sure
that everybody in this country -- how do we make
sure that they're sharing in this growing economy,
how do we make sure that they have the tools to succeed.
You know, if you think about what's already
happened just in the last month, in addition
to major initiatives surrounding immigration,
around Cuba, around climate change, when it comes
to dealing with bread and butter issues for
middle class families all across America.
We've put forward proposals for making
community college free, so that young people
can access the education they need.
We're working together with the private sector
to increase internet access for communities
that feel left out, to increase competition,
and to protect our privacy and our security.
That's just been the last month, so you know,
I think over the next two years we have
the opportunity to not simply continue the momentum
that was built last year, but to really capitalize
on some of the long term trends that make
America best position to take advantage
of the 21st century.
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Behind The Scenes: A State of the Union Sit-Down with President Obama

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Elizabeth Lin published on August 1, 2015
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