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  • Hey, tray, let me tell you somethin' about old school, all right ?

  • He's the most dangerous o.G. On the set.

  • Let me tell you young punks somethin'.

  • I been down in this hood a long time. I seen a lot of things.

  • I survived the watts riots, gang wars.

  • You know how I did it ?

  • How ?

  • By standin' my ground and havin' my homies watch my back.

  • - Word ! - So don't let nobody mess with your set.

  • Yeah ! And like me, don't let nobody give you no shit.

  • - Yeah, old school. - [ woman ] bartholemew ?

  • Bartholemew !

  • Come here, boy. Oh, shit.

  • What did you say, boy ? I said, "oh, shoot," ma. "shoot."

  • Didn't I tell you to clean your room ?

  • Oh, ma, come on. The gang needs me. I'm their leader.

  • [ ma ] gang ?

  • You better get in there and clean that room in the next ten minutes...

  • Or else you gonna be walking down the street with three shoes--

  • Two on your feet and one in your ass, sucker.

  • Thank you, mama.

  • [ snickering ]

  • - Yeah. So you gonna roll with us ? - I can't.

  • Why not ? Oh, the police is after you, huh ?

  • Nah, I'm on punishment. My mom says I can't leave the porch.

  • Oh, man ! Come on. Let's hold the porch down.

Hey, tray, let me tell you somethin' about old school, all right ?

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Don't Be a Menace (10/12) Movie CLIP - Old School (1996) HD

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