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  • Hey. What are you doin' ?

  • Writing a poem.

  • See, my poetry, it helps me escape the harsh realities of livin' in the hood.

  • Ah. That's deep.

  • Hey, you wanna read me one ?

  • Okay.

  • Let me see.

  • [ whispers ] yeah. Yeah.

  • "love is by far...

  • "the most precious thing on earth,

  • "like a rose's fragrance...

  • "or a child's birth. [ sighs ]

  • "love me...

  • "and leave me;

  • "that's the story of my life.

  • "but it won't happen again, see,

  • "since I bought a butcher's knife.

  • "yeah, see, the next man who loves me,

  • "and leaves me so quick, mm-hmm,

  • "I'm gon' cut off his balls and I'm gon' chop off his dick. [ moaning ]

  • "I'm gon' shoot that motherfucker.

  • "I'm gon' kill him ! I'm gon' stab that motherfucker !

  • "shit ! Fuckin' with me ? Oh, no !

  • "I'm gon' run him over with my car, see.

  • "he fuckin' with the wrong motherfucker. You don't fuck with me !

  • I will kill that motherfucker--" baby, baby, baby, baby.

  • I get the point. It was-- that was-- you liked it ?

Hey. What are you doin' ?

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Don't Be a Menace (9/12) Movie CLIP - Dashiki's Poem (1996) HD

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