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  • So first of all, congratulations on another fantastically entertaining film.

  • Thank you, thank you.

  • Is returning to the Fast and Furious gang a bit like getting a warm hug from an old,

  • slightly sexy friend?

  • No, it's like getting a slap on the back with a wet hand on a bare back.

  • We love each other, you know, it's like but we really love each other. But it's like I'm

  • going to kill you sometimes, and then I love you. I want to punch you in the face, but

  • it's okay. I love you. It's uh...

  • Are your panties in the wrong place? Maybe you should adjust that. I love you. You know?

  • I mean, it's the boys, you know. We're always. It's the way it is, and you know, we bring

  • the best that we can. We're all competitive. The girls as well. We all want to win.

  • Can you tell us something about either someone in the cast or the making of the films that

  • might surprise the fans?

  • Vin is actually a very sweet guy. Vin actually has a really big heart. So here you see this

  • guy who's like big and brr all the time, you know. He's Dominic Toretto, and he represents

  • I think, what every guy wants in an older brother maybe or what every guy wants as a dad.

  • You know, he does reveal it with the connection that he has with Letty, and as nurturing as

  • he is with his sister Mia, but what people I think don't really realise is that the only

  • way that he can do that is because that's what he's got going on. So yeah, good guy.

  • Vin is the best. I love him. We've been playing the Fast and Furious guide to being British.

  • Can you help us out here? Like having filmed here, what's your top tip for being very British?

  • You have to go to that tea and crumpets thing, right?

  • What have you learned from these Brits? He was like you have go down to the pub. You've got to eat chips.

  • Yeah, for sure. I did all that.

  • I don't know. Polite. I saw... Oh, lots of sorrys. Lots of sorrys. You know, you guys

  • apologise too much. You know, you've got to take it easy on yourselves here.

  • No, but it's so refreshing. I mean, where I grew up, where I come from, people, they're

  • not nearly as courteous.

  • And can you do us your best British accent? No.

  • I bet you can. No, I'm not going to do it. Come on, you're an actor. I'm not going to

  • do it.

  • Can you do 'this car is rather fast'?

  • This car is rather fast. I don't know. I've got to go high.

  • Okay, what plans have you got for your character in the next one? What would you ideally, what

  • would your dream for it be?

  • I don't know. I think we've been talking about this, and we've been talking about that. I

  • think we just have to go feel it. We have to go live it for a little bit. One thing

  • I don't like doing is getting ahead of ourselves, so I think that we have to kind of sit back,

  • see what happens here, and then we'll talk about it. But you know, getting back, getting

  • home, I'm thinking just trying to live the family life to see how that feels. I mean,

  • it's like we've been living a pretty supercharged life for a long time. Like can we do it? Like

  • this is what we think we want. That's what I think. It's going to be interesting to see

  • what happens with that.

So first of all, congratulations on another fantastically entertaining film.

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