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So first of all, congratulations on another fantastically entertaining film.
Thank you, thank you.
Is returning to the Fast and Furious gang a bit like getting a warm hug from an old,
slightly sexy friend?
No, it's like getting a slap on the back with a wet hand on a bare back.
We love each other, you know, it's like but we really love each other. But it's like I'm
going to kill you sometimes, and then I love you. I want to punch you in the face, but
it's okay. I love you. It's uh...
Are your panties in the wrong place? Maybe you should adjust that. I love you. You know?
I mean, it's the boys, you know. We're always. It's the way it is, and you know, we bring
the best that we can. We're all competitive. The girls as well. We all want to win.
Can you tell us something about either someone in the cast or the making of the films that
might surprise the fans?
Vin is actually a very sweet guy. Vin actually has a really big heart. So here you see this
guy who's like big and brr all the time, you know. He's Dominic Toretto, and he represents
I think, what every guy wants in an older brother maybe or what every guy wants as a dad.
You know, he does reveal it with the connection that he has with Letty, and as nurturing as
he is with his sister Mia, but what people I think don't really realise is that the only
way that he can do that is because that's what he's got going on. So yeah, good guy.
Vin is the best. I love him. We've been playing the Fast and Furious guide to being British.
Can you help us out here? Like having filmed here, what's your top tip for being very British?
You have to go to that tea and crumpets thing, right?
What have you learned from these Brits? He was like you have go down to the pub. You've got to eat chips.
Yeah, for sure. I did all that.
I don't know. Polite. I saw... Oh, lots of sorrys. Lots of sorrys. You know, you guys
apologise too much. You know, you've got to take it easy on yourselves here.
No, but it's so refreshing. I mean, where I grew up, where I come from, people, they're
not nearly as courteous.
And can you do us your best British accent? No.
I bet you can. No, I'm not going to do it. Come on, you're an actor. I'm not going to
do it.
Can you do 'this car is rather fast'?
This car is rather fast. I don't know. I've got to go high.
Okay, what plans have you got for your character in the next one? What would you ideally, what
would your dream for it be?
I don't know. I think we've been talking about this, and we've been talking about that. I
think we just have to go feel it. We have to go live it for a little bit. One thing
I don't like doing is getting ahead of ourselves, so I think that we have to kind of sit back,
see what happens here, and then we'll talk about it. But you know, getting back, getting
home, I'm thinking just trying to live the family life to see how that feels. I mean,
it's like we've been living a pretty supercharged life for a long time. Like can we do it? Like
this is what we think we want. That's what I think. It's going to be interesting to see
what happens with that.
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Fast and Furious 6: Paul Walker attempts a British accent but fails miserably

800 Folder Collection
毓筠 published on July 31, 2015
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