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Open the door
Yeah, yeah ,yeah. Okay, okay!
Benji open that door right now
yeah, I'm trying!
come on!
This isn't going very well
Agent Brandt, IMF is not just a rogue organization
It's a disgraced one
Every one of the attacks you attributed to the Syndicate
The IMF is there
It's a long story
I want you to choose your next words very carefully. Where is Hunt?
I have no way of contacting him.
He is deep-covered
Follow me.
Benji, I need your help.
Ethan, where are you?
The Syndicate is real and they know who we are.
They are trying to do what we do. The anti IMF.
Neither one of us is equipped to fight them
You want to bring down the Syndicate?
It's impossible.
How do you know we can trust her?
Desperate time, desperate measures.
Did you put your seat belt on?
You ask me now?
Are you okay to drive? A minute ago you were dead
What are you talking about?
This is not going to end well
This may very well be our last mission
Make it count.
You have to get through twelve feet of concrete
and seventy thousand gallons of pressurized water.
No oxygen tanks
That doesn't sound impossible.
No, no, no.
Ethan do you copy?
Ethan abort, abort now!
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【不可能的任務5:失控國度】預告片第二彈Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation Official Payoff Trailer (2015) - Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg Movie HD

24272 Folder Collection
Claire Chi published on July 31, 2015    Claire Chi translated    Rose reviewed
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