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  • Youre watching Beyond The Trailer’s review of Captain America The Winter Soldier! Oh, wait,

  • Spectre..? No?! Oh yeah, Mission Impossible Rogue Nation!

  • So how impossible can Ethan Hunt’s new mission be if Captain America and James Bond have

  • the same one...? I mean sure, Shakespeare said there’s nothing new under the sun,

  • but I doubt that as many plays were being written back then as movies are being produced

  • today. And even beyond the evil organization plot, 2015 is chock full of spy movies in

  • GENERAL! Kingsman The Secret Service, Spy, The Man from UNCLE, Spectre and Mission Impossible

  • Rogue Nation. Then there’s the title, which is echoed in the X-Men Days of Future Past

  • Rogue Cut as well as the upcoming Star Wars spin-off Rogue One. In fact, Paramount had

  • to ask Disney not to discuss Rogue One too much until their movie was released.

  • IS Mission Impossible Rogue Nation supposed to stand out from the crowd? STUNTS! And not

  • just any stunts, but REAL stunts performed by a REAL movie star! That publicity tactic

  • worked pretty well for Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, so now with this fifth film

  • theyve pretty much based the entire ad campaign around Tom Cruise actually strapping

  • himself to the outside of an airplane that actually took off and flew around a bit. Now

  • for those of you who are likeuh, and why couldn’t you use a greenscreen? I mean,

  • it’s not like Cruise has blond hair...” - well, then how about the talent involved?

  • Cruise reteams with his Jack Reacher writer-director here, Christopher McQuarrie, and that movie

  • was surprisingly good. Imagine what they can do with a much bigger budget... Not to mention

  • Alec Baldwin joins the party, while Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg return. And sure, Pegg said

  • blockbuster movies were infantile, but he wasn’t talking about THIS movie..!

  • So, is Mission Impossible Rogue Nation one of the better Tom Cruise movies?

  • Because come on,

  • is there really such a thing as a BAD Tom Cruise movie...?

Youre watching Beyond The Trailer’s review of Captain America The Winter Soldier! Oh, wait,

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