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  • Frank, this is a safe place.

  • A place where we can feel free sharing our feelings.

  • Think of my office as a nest

  • In a tree of trust and understanding.

  • We can say anything here.

  • Anything?

  • It's okay, honey. That's why we came.

  • [sighing] well, I guess I...

  • Deep down I'm feeling a little confused.

  • I mean, suddenly... You get married

  • And you're supposed to be this entirely different guy.

  • I don't feel different.

  • Take yesterday, for example.

  • We were out at the olive garden

  • For dinner, which was lovely.

  • And...

  • I happened to look over during the meal,

  • And see a waitress taking an order.

  • And I found myself

  • Wondering what color her underpants might be.

  • Her panties.

  • Odds are they're probably

  • Basic white, cotton underpants.

  • But I started thinking,

  • "well, maybe they're silk panties.

  • "maybe it's a thong.

  • "maybe it's something really cool

  • "that I don't even know about."

  • You know? And I started feeling...

  • [disgusted sigh]

  • What?

  • I thought we were in the trust tree.

  • In the nest, are we not?

  • We are. It's okay. Okay?

  • It's okay. Please continue.

  • I don't know where I was going with that.

  • I guess what I'm trying to say is that now that I'm married,

  • I'm definitely feeling a little freaked out

  • About the fact that I'm gonna have sex

  • With only one person...

  • For the rest of my life.

Frank, this is a safe place.

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Old School (6/9) Movie CLIP - A Waitresses' Panties (2003) HD

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