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- I am really excited because today
I'm gonna be checking out Taroko Gorge,
one of the top attractions in all of Taiwan.
It's known for its marble cliffs,
jungle-clad mountains.
This is certainly a nature lovers paradise.
I am now deep in the gorge.
And this is the spot, the view you want to see.
There's a waterfall pouring down.
And the cliff sides are so steep,
you have to walk around like this
in order to take it all in.
This is absolutely stunning.
So right now I'm gonna take a walk
on this beautiful path that goes through the mountain
and pops out at the Eternal Spring Shrine.
A little walk in nature is always good for the soul.
I feel like I'm inside an Indiana Jones movie.
There's all sorts of suspension bridges
that go over these beautiful waterfalls.
The canyons are super high,
covered in jungle.
You can hear all these bugs chirping in the distance.
It's definitely wild.
You can't walk a few steps here without stopping
and admiring the view.
The landscape around here is just breathtaking.
I'm in for a treat right now.
It is lunchtime, and I'm gonna eat traditional Taroko food,
but it's a fusion mixed with some of the modern menu items
you can find all over Taiwan.
- [All] Cheers!
- The Taroko Gorge is definitely one of those places
you have to see to believe.
The scale of it is so immense, gigantic.
It's just incredible to be walking around here.
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Taipei Taroko Gorge Full Day Tour

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YJLin published on July 29, 2015
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