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Hey, do you think I should take a bunch of shirtless pictures for Instagram?
And then just, like, put emojis over the nipples?
What emoji?
All of them! It was gonna be a series.
I did it! I've found the perfect outfit.
For what? Rosh Hashanah?
No, for a date! Or a non-date date, it's unclear.
I need to look like the kind of girl you'd want to date.
Cool, what are you gonna wear?
This, Gaby!
It's perfectly constructed to show that I am a respectable, smart girl with a good figure.
I mean, you are all of those things, but none of them are visible right now.
Even if I take my cardigan off halfway through lunch when it gets warm?
Are you a dancer?
Hey! Come back! Life is a cabaret!
I went to boarding school, but I didn't like it.
No, it's a complicated dress.
I like to be taken seriously, but not in the bedroom.
It doesn't work for me! I don't know why it doesn't work for me!
I'm a good person who's made mistakes, but I've taken the time to reinvent myself into someone worth being.
Sure, I'm a bit uptight, but I know how to have a good time when I'm given fair warning and moral support.
I'm honest, I'm loyal, and I'm here, ready for a relationship.
Wow, but how many kids do you want?
That's why I'm gonna wear platform sandals instead of stilettos.
Allison, you can't put this much pressure on your clothes to say who you are.
I know that, Gaby.
That's why I put so much thought into my hair and makeup too.
Like pink, for an old soul.
Alright. You are not your appearance.
If you dress this way, men will say this.
If you dress that way, women will think that.
You can't rely on physical things to tell the world who you are or what you believe in.
Are you serious?
This is a summary at best.
- Can I borrow your shirt? - Yeah. - Thanks.
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What Should I Wear?

115381 Folder Collection
Vivi Lee published on August 14, 2015    Vivi Lee translated    Rose reviewed
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