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  • it's gonna make you puke.

  • l don't wanna puke!

  • l don't want wealth!

  • l just want you like you used to be.

  • What happened to that man?

  • Me?

  • What happened to the girl l believed in?

  • The girl l fell in love with.

  • The girl that believed in me.

  • There's plenty of places l can go,

  • where people believe in me.

  • Well, go!

  • The sooner you're out of my life,

  • the sooner l can go back to being the girl

  • in this little flowered dress

  • that you sang the thermos song to.

  • Well, l'm gonna go, then!

  • And l don't need any of this! l don't need this stuff!

  • And l don't need you! l don't need anything!

  • Except this.

  • This ashtray. The only thing l need is this!

  • l don't need this or this. Just this ashtray!

  • And this paddle game.

  • The ashtray and the paddle game. And that's all l need!

  • And this remote control.

  • The ashtray, the paddle game, and the remote control.

  • And that's all l need!

  • And these matches.

  • The ashtray and these matches

  • and the remote control and the paddle ball.

  • This lamp.

  • The ashtray,

  • this paddle game and the remote control,

  • and the lamp. And that's all l need.

  • [crying]

  • And that's all l need, too.

  • l don't need one other thing!

  • Not one... l need this.

  • The paddle game and the chair,

  • and the remote control and the matches, for sure!

  • (Navin) Wh-what are you looking at?

  • What do you think l am? Some kind of a jerk or something?

  • [sobbing]

  • And this.

  • That's all l need.

  • The ashtray,

  • the remote control and this paddle game,

  • and this magazine and the chair.

  • [sobbing]

  • And l don't need one other thing.

  • Except my dog.

  • [growling]

  • l don't need my dog.

it's gonna make you puke.

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The Jerk (10/10) Movie CLIP - That's All I Need! (1979) HD

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