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  • Today on household hacker, an oldie but goodie. Drinking glasses from beer bottles.

  • To make your own customized drinking glasses, you really don’t need too many materials.

  • Well start with a little tupperware container and place it on a sturdy countertop.

  • Next weve got to get a flammable liquid as we will be essentially weakening the bottle’s

  • integrity with flame. I will be using Isopropyl alcohol which is easily obtained at a grocery

  • store. Pour it into the container and we can continue on to the next step.

  • If you don’t have any empty bottles well then this step should prove to be quite fun.

  • Drink a beverage of your choice and place the bottle near the container.

  • We just need a little string now… I am using some yarn I found in my grandmother’s basement.

  • It should do the trick here.

  • Cut off enough string to wrap around the bottles a few time and soak it in liquid for a minute

  • or two.

  • While it is soaking, get another container or just use your sink and fill it with cold

  • water. Once we ignite the bottle we will be placing it in to the cold water bath to help

  • separate the bottle in to two pieces.

  • Now all you need to do is slowly and carefully tie the string around the bottle and make

  • sure it is snugand secure.

  • Once you are satisfied with your knot, simply ignite the string and rotate the bottle around

  • until the flame burns out. I highly suggest doing this near water to stay on the safe

  • side. though the flame is not much more than that of a big candle.

  • Once the flame burns down, place the bottle into the water bath and if you did it right,

  • it should split into a couple pieces.

  • To get the split right it may take some practice but since we have the modern invention of

  • sand paper, we can typically smooth out any rough edges and make this into a drinking

  • glass that will last for a long time to come.

  • So bottoms up and have fun, just remember to keep it safe and wear proper protection

  • when handling flames. See you next time.

Today on household hacker, an oldie but goodie. Drinking glasses from beer bottles.

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