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Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon Today we are making a Marvel Avengers Cake
with iron mans mask, thors hammer, captain americas sheild, hawkeyes bow and arrow and
of course hulks fist smashing through the top.
First thing you'll need to do is to print out the template you can get that and the
recipe quantities on the website howtocookthat.net so you know what size to we are making everything
in and I'll link to that below.
For hulks fist and iron-mans mask we are going to use rice bubbles mixed with melted marshmallows.
You can melt the marshmallows in the microwave like I am or in a double boiler on the stovetop
and then just mix them together. And you'll get this super sticky mixture.
Rub a little bit of cooking oil on your hands so it doesn't stick to you.
Then take a good scoop of the mixture and shape it into the size of the fist on the
template. You'll need to squeeze and push the mixture together so it all sticks to itself.
Then put that to one side, grab some more and squeeze it into the shape of the fingers.
Use a knife to make indents for each knuckle, following the lines that you've got there
on the template. Then put lines across the top for the gaps between the fingers.
Place that on top of the piece you already made and then make indents for the top of
the fingers going all the way down through both bits. The advantage of using this rice
bubble mixture instead of cake is it is light so it can sit on top without getting top heavy
and falling over, it is easier to make all these details than doing it out of a cake
covered in buttercream and you can make it ahead of time as well.
Grab some more and make a piece for his thumb and add it on top. Then leave that to firm
up, I put mine int he freezer, if you've got time you can just leave it at room temp over
night. Once it is firm, lift it up and cut down the
indents for the knuckles at the back. Then trim the hand so it is going inwards at the
back towards where the wrist is. Then add a cake pop stick just poking that into the
middle of the hand, we will use this to hold it upright while we decorate it and on the
cake. Place a tissue box on its side with some baking
paper over the top and make a small hole in the side. Then place the fist on top. Just
poking ti through there so it is going to hold it the right way up for us.
Trim down the sides of the hand to sort of round them out so it doesn't look flat and
then add a small ball of rice bubbles to each knuckle at the back.
Now we don't want our fist to look lumpy when we cover it so we need to add a strip of fondant
along each finger. Add more if you need to to get them nice and level. DO that for each
finger and then add snakes of fondant and add them down the back of the hand for tendons
so it looks like he is really pumping that fist. And then a vein going across the back
as well. Now roll out some green fondant in a nice
sheet and place it over the top of hulks fist. Use your fingers to press the fondant down
between the fingers there then lift and smooth it around the sides of the fist.
Gently press it around the tendons at the back and then trim off most of the excess
fondant and push the rest under the fist. Now take your knife and draw in lines on the
knuckles there. Define the lines around the fingers and the
thumbs and then use your thumb to flatten out and area for the thumbnail which is rather
big.. Then use the knife again to draw around that
and define it and add line to the knuckle.
Take some edible powdered food colouring and dust along the finger joins and knuckles to
add some shading. It just makes it look a bit more 3D even though it is 3D it just brings
it to life a bit. Then leave that to one side.
IRON MAN MASK For the ironman mask take more rice bubble
mixture and squash it into the size of the mask shown on the template. Then take the
side profile piece and put it up against it and have a look at where you need to add more.
On mine the top looks good but the chin area needs to be built up.
Continue to add more until you are happy with it, if I bend the paper down here you will
be able to see it follows the shape fairly well.
When you've been adding you've probably squashed the main shape a bit wider so just place the
mask template over the top and trim around it using a sharp knife to get it back to being
the right shape.
Then place the whole thing onto some red fondant. Roll out some more and drape it over the top
of the iron man mask, then use your fingers to gently rub the fondant. Now what we are
doing here is getting it into all of the little holes of the rice bubbles and smoothing it
out. An then we are going to add another sheet over the top in a sec so just use a knife
to smooth out all the bumps from the rice bubbles and push it in there .
Then roll out some more red fondant and place it over the top. Gently smooth it around trim
off the edges. Use the flat part of a knife to make the straight line across where the
eyes and another one across where the mouth is. And sharpen the edges around the jaw line
as well.
Then use your knife to indent on each side of his cheek. Roll out some black and cut
out the template pieces. Take some gold luster dust and using a dry
paint brush just brush it over the top of each one.
Roll out a strip of white and place it across the eye area. Then add the top part of his
mask over the top. Line up the next piece just under the eyes
and add it into place. And then add the mouth part. I'm not super happy with the shape here
so I'll adjust it in the fondant here on mine but I'll change the actual template shape
to match the adjustments so it's easy for you.
Use some gold luster to dust over any areas that you've rubbed it off when you were putting
it on. Now on the top of the mask we need to add
these indents. This mask shape is based on the iron man suit Mark 43 from the Avengers
Age of Ultron movie. He has so many suit designs but that is the one we are going with for
this one. Just use your knife to make indents where
the lines should be and because we used black fondant underneath the gold it will look good.
To make Thors hammer we are going to use a chocolate bar for the handle and a kitkat
for the inside. Use a serrated knife to cut it to the right
length then split it into two and stack them up. You'll need one more layer so use the
left over bit to piece together another one the same length.
Now grab some melted compound chocolate and use it to glue them together. Use a knife
to smooth out the top and sides and leave to set. Cut the handle to the correct length.
Then roll out some black fondant and wrap the top of the hammer up like a present. Gently
press each side onto the baking paper to flatten it out. Then use the side of a knife to flatten
out the edges on each corner there. Then brush the whole thing in edible silver luster dust.
Roll a snake of black and also dust that in silver.
Very slightly dampen your chocolate bar and wrap the snake up around it just by rolling
the bar on an angle. Now take a ball of black fondant and add it
to the end, shaping it like the end of thors hammer.
Then brush that with silver as well. Take a circle cutter and remove a circle of fondant
from the base of the hammer. Turn it upside down and add some compound white chocolate
in that little hole there and then add that into place. Smooth off any excess then add
a thin strip of fondant around the join. Brush it with silver then use a knife to make two
indents around the top there.
Take the left over white compound chocolate and add 1 teaspoon of milk to make it seize.
As you stir it you'll see it gets crumbly and that is what we want so we can use it
for little bits of rubble on the cake at the end.
Now for the fiddly part hawk eyes bow.
Take a thin strip of black and line it up with the template standing it on it's side.
Then take an extra bit and roll it up at one end, trim it off and add that to the top of
the bow on each side.
Roll a thin snake for the arrow, then use your fingers to shape a tip and add it to
one end and just add extra bits of snake to the other end.
Now for the solid part of the bow flatten out some brown fondant and trim it to the
shape shown on the template. Then using a tiny bit of water join it to your black. Then
do the same on the other side. Remember all these fondant details can be made up to a
few weeks ahead and just left to air dry for a few days and then stored in a container
to protect form dust. There is one more solid part there, this is
modelled on the bow hawk eye uses in the avengers age of ultron movie.
I wish they'd made it a bit denser so it was easier to make out of fondant and not quite
so fiddly. Follow the template to add strips of brown along the other lines and then use
a fine piping tip to just to add an indent on each of the bigger solid sections.
Brush the arrow in silver luster dust and the tiny bit at the front of the bow too.
Leave those to dry out.
Now a really easy bit, a couple of buttons for the top of thors cape. Just flatten out
some black, cut out two circles and then using a star piping tip push down into the circle
to give indents around that. If you don't have a piping tip you could use your knife
to do this. Brush them both with silver and they're done.
We can't forget captain america's shield. Cut a small circle of blue then a bigger one
of red. And the cut out the small blue sized circle from the centre and add the red around
the blue. Cut out a black circle in the next size up, take the centre out and brush with
silver luster dust. Then yes, place that over the top.
Now we need another circle of red.
Use your template to cut out a star and then brush it silver and add it to the top of the
The shield is not flat it is rounded so make a rounded mound of fondant lightly smaller
than the shield and add the shield on top. If you don't have a couple of days to leave
this to dry out then you'll need to add tylose to the fondant so that it dries out quickly
for you so that you can stand it up.
Now for the actual cakes, make 1 and one half times the chocolate cake recipe and bake it
two round tins 8" in diameter. Then put some mixture into a wide teacup or narrow bowl
this is going to be for hulks wrist. Then put the rest of the mixture into another
8" tin and bake them all in a moderate oven until done.
Make up one batch of buttercream and to that some milk chocolate ganache, I'll put all
of these recipes on the howtocookthat website for you.
Once your cakes are cool, level them off and add some simple syrup to the top of each layer.
This is really nice moist cake anyway but if you're not serving it on the day you make
it I always like to add some simple syrup as well. Spread on a layer of frosting and
then repeat that with your other layers stacking them up.
Then cover the whole cake in a thin layer of frosting. Now this is called the crumb
coat because it catches all the crumbs that come of the cake when you are doing it.
With the teacup cake trim off two side to make it flatter and then cover that in frosting
too. Once its been in the fridge for about and
hour the frosting will be firmer and you can add another coat of frosting over the top.
Smooth the top first to make it flat, then do the edges. Then any extra bits that are
sticking up on the sides just push them in towards the middle of your cake.
To cover the cake, knead you cream fondant until it is smooth then roll it out, I am
using a silicone mat to roll it on because ti makes it easy. If you don't have one you
can use baking paper. If it is sticking at all just rub on little bit of vegetable oil
on there.
Once it is big enough lift it off the mat and place it onto the cake.
Lift the edges and smooth them down, lifting and smoothing until the fondant is flat all
the way around down to the base of your cake.
Trim off the excess from around the base. And then if you have a fondant smoother you
can use it to smooth out the top and sides of the cake.
Next take a strong cake board and roll out some blue fondant thinly on top. Then trim
around the edge using a knife.
Lift up the cake and transfer it onto the cake board placing it nearer to the back.
Roll out a snake of cream and add it around the base to make the cake look neat where
it joins to the cake board.
Cover the the tea cup cake but when you trim it off leave about a cm extra, flip it over
and tuck it onto the bottom of the cake. Use something rounded I ma just using the
handle of my paintbrush here, to indent hulks wrist in so it looks like tendons are really
sticking out like it does when someone is tensing a fist.
Place the wrist gently on top of the cake and mark the outline of where it sits. Remove
it and then using black gel food colour paint around the edge and then continue to paint
it out so it look like there are cracks in the cake from where the hulk fist smashed
through. Add wrist back on top and add two cake pop
sticks in for support. Then push the fist down into the wrist and use something rounded
to blend the fondant in anywhere there are gaps.
Now roll out some thin red fondant for thors cape and drape it over one side of the cake
coming up to where the wrist is. Add the those two buttons and then thors hammer into place.
Roll a little strip of brown fondant and add that to the base of the hammer just letting
it drape down over the edge there.
Position iron mans mask on one side of the cake and captain americas shield on the other.
Then position hawk eyes bow and arrow carefully positioning them on the cape. You can use
a little bit of water to keep them in place. Now add the seized white chocolate pieces
for rubble on top and around the base of the cake. And if you like add the birthday child's
name to the front of the cake. Special shout out to all the people who requested this cake
and to joyce from joyliciouscakes on Facebook she is in Singapore this cake is inspired
by a cake she made. She doesn't take orders but you can go and show her some love on here
fb page, tell her howtocookthat sent you I'll link to her facebook page below.
Subscribe to howtocookthat for more cakes chocolates and desserts.
Click here to got to the channel and see all the other videos, here to go to last weeks
make your own mini cake kit video and here to go to the website for the recipes.
Put all your requests in the comments below have an awesome week and I'll see you on Friday.
[music by youtube.com/setsailtv used with permission]
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1713 Folder Collection
張懿慧 published on July 25, 2015
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