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  • [snoring]

  • [dog barking]

  • Well, what is it, boy? Are you lost?

  • [barking]

  • Do you want to play? Is it trouble?

  • [yelping]

  • Trouble? Is it an accident?

  • A drownin'? A fire?

  • Fire.

  • [exclaiming]

  • Gosh, we've got to warn everybody.

  • l've heard about dogs like you.

  • You're gonna be famous.

  • You're gonna-- You're gonna get your picture taken,

  • and they'll put it in the paper.

  • Gosh, this is excitin'. You saved my life.

  • Come on, Iet's warn everybody.

  • Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!

  • Fire! It's a fire!

  • [woman screaming]

  • There's a fire! Everybody! Wake up.

  • There's a fire!

  • This dog, he's saving everybody's life!

  • He's unbelievable.

  • He's some dog. He's a lifesaver.

  • (Navin) That's what l'll call him, too. Old Lifesaver.

  • That's gonna be your name!

  • [siren wailing]

  • Folks? False alarm. There's no fire.

  • [people chattering]

  • Hey, mister, don't call that dog ''Lifesaver.''

  • No?

  • Call him ''Shithead.''

  • Good. Shithead.

  • lt's excitin'.


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The Jerk (3/10) Movie CLIP - Don't Call That Dog Lifesaver (1979) HD

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