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  • there's, uh, somethin' you should know.

  • [whinnying]

  • You see that?

  • Yeah.

  • That's shit.

  • [goat bleating]

  • And this, Shinola.

  • Shit.

  • Shinola.

  • Son, you're gonna be all right.

  • Now what town are you gonna try for first?

  • Well, l thought l'd try to go to St. Louis

  • 'cause that's where that radio show was coming from.

  • And remember, the Lord loves a workin' man.

  • Lord loves a workin' man.

  • And Son, don't never, ever trust whitey.

  • Don't trust whitey.

  • The Lord loves a workin' man, don't trust whitey.

  • [goat bleating]

  • Oh, baby.

  • Daddy.

  • Pierre. Come here.

  • Don't you forget to grow up now.

  • Good luck.

  • Send me a picture postcard.

  • Don't forget, baby.

  • Okay, okay, Iet the boy go.

  • Bye.

  • We got work to do.

  • And l hope you find whatever it is you're looking for.

  • [hens clucking]

  • l will, Ma. l know it's out there.

  • lt's out there all right, and if you catch it,

  • see a doctor and get rid of it.

  • See a doctor and get rid of it.

  • Good luck.

  • The Lord loves a workin' man.

  • Don't trust whitey.

  • See a doctor and get rid of it.

  • Bye, Grandma.

  • [dog barking]

  • [sighing]

  • Oh, l sure do miss Navin.

  • (Elvira) Is he ever comin' back?

  • Take away his place settin'.

  • lt's making us too goddamn sad.

  • l wonder if he's doin' all right.

  • Hey, Navin, how you doin'?

  • Don't worry 'bout me.

  • l think l see a car comin'.

  • No wait, it's a truck. It's a truck.

  • Oh, Lord, take care of our little boy.

  • [truck approaching]

  • l'm hitchhikin'.

  • How far you goin'?

  • St. Louis. How far are you goin'?

  • To the end of this fence.

  • Okay.

  • [door slams]

  • l'm Navin Johnson. What's your name, sir?

  • Here we are.

  • Okay.

  • Thanks for the company.

  • (Navin) l hope l can repay you someday.

there's, uh, somethin' you should know.

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The Jerk (2/10) Movie CLIP - The Lord Loves a Workin' Man (1979) HD

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