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Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
Today we are making a lego city police station cake at the request of my youngest.
To start with we need to make a lego texture mat. Take a lego base board and make a border
around the edge using lego bricks. Then heat up some reusable food grade molding gel.
Pour it in and tip it and spread it until it goes all the way to the edges. Then let
that cool and set. For the frosting take one batch of vanilla
buttercream and mix it with a cooled batch of milk chocolate ganache.
I'll put all of the recipe quantities for this on the website howtocookthat.net in grams
and ounces and cups. You will also need two trays of chocolate
cake, baked, cooled and leveled. Place your template on top and cut around
the shape of the first building. And the template is also available on the website.
Place it on a spare cake board or a plate and add a thin layer of frosting. Then continue
to stack up those layers of cake until they match the height of the front template.
Then cover the whole thing in frosting.
Repeat that in the same way for the next two buildings layering them up and then covering
them in frosting. Then place them in the fridge for the frosting to chill and firm so that
they are a bit more stable.
By now your molding gel should be set, remove the bricks from the edge and peel it off from
the base board. And you now have a nice lego texture mat.
Place some light grey fondant over a cake board and roll it out fairly thinly. Add the
texture mat over the top and using the rolling pin press down firmly all over the surface
. Then simply peel it off.
Take a knife and trim around the edges of your board. And we now have our lego base
Take some more light grey fondant and use the texture mat to make an impression.
Then using a pizza cutter cut out a 7 x 8 rectangle. Then cut out a section from the
top of that and base to make the letter for the helipad. Use the side of your knife just
to straighten up the sides because lego doesn't bend.
Roll out some black and put the texture mat over the top.
Then using the shapes that you used for the cake cut out one of those for the top of each
building, making then a little larger to allow for frosting and fondant on the sides.
Repeat that process to make some green 2 by 10's that we'll use for grass. And again just
use you knife to make sure it is straight on the edges.
Roll out some yellow and grey fondant. Rub a little water on the yellow and add the grey
to the top. Slice it into little pieces the size of a
two by one. These will be the lights for around the top of the building.
Now lets make the windows for the police office building. Roll out some white and cut it out
using the templates. Remember that you need to do the front one side and the back too.
I just have the front and one side here. Mark off the centre line with a slight indent and
add a vertical line too. Using a dry brush add some gold luster dust
in each window corner and then brush blue over the top of the whole thing.
Add some strips of white across the base of each window. You'll need to dampen the back
of the fondant to make it stick. Then trim it to size.
Cut a strip of blue and place it across the top of each window.
Then place a strip of blue up between each window and along the edges.
Now for the prison cut out some black fondant and brush with a little silver luster dust.
Then rub a little water across to dampen that fondant. Roll a snake of light grey and place
it across, using your template as a guide for where to put those bars. Add them on the
bottom windows and then going down the centre of each window. Then add strips of grey down
and strips of grey across. Cut a strip of white and add that across the top. Add another
one along the bottom of the jail cell and then add a thinner strip down each side on
two of the jail sides only, don't do it on all four of them.
For the garage door. Cut a square of white then make indents across
and down. Brush it over with blue luster dust and add a strip of white across the top.
Roll out some blue using the lego on the sides to guid how thick it needs to be.
Then cut some strips the width of a two block.
Roll out some thin strips of white and add them to the top of the front fondant police
station part.
To the other smaller front bit add a strip one side and a half a strip to the other smaller
front bit and leave the last one plain.
Using edible white food colouring write police down the front of the blue support.
For the police sign Cut a square of white and put two blue strips across the top. All
of these fondant details can be made up to a month ahead which will give them time to
dry out. If you need to make it for a cake today or tomorrow then add some tylose powder
to the fondant which will make it dry out faster.
Add the cake for the police station onto the cake board. Then add the two smaller pieces,
followed by the front one. Now put a strip of white along the corner there using a little
water to hold it in place. Add the side and then the back of the station.
Add the black roof on top and then add a strip of white to cover the join.
For the jail add the piece that has white sides, followed by one that does not. Repeat
with the other two. Then add strips of white the the two sides that need it. Then add the
black roof on top. Choose the best side of the jail and add it
into place next to the police station. Cover the whole garage in white fondant then
add the door to the front and the roof to the top. Then add a strip of blue along the
edges and add it into place. Add your fondant grass piece out the front.
Use some spaghetti to support the lights while they set. Just use a little bit of water on
the back of the fondant to join them onto the cake.
Add the front of the station, again you may need to use a little spaghetti to support
it while it's drying out and joining on. Use edible marker to write the police sign
and add it to the top of the jail.
Add some strips of blue and the helipad to the top of the police station and a cylinder
of white and red. The next day remove that spaghetti.
And add a lego police car and robber and policeman out the front.
And your lego city cake is complete. If you have a helicopter you can add that on the
helipad too.
Big one, blow Yay
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to get the recipes.
Have a great week and I'll see you all on Friday. [music: by youtube.com/setsailtv used
with permission]
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LEGO CITY POLICE CAKE How To Cook That Ann Reardon

1034 Folder Collection
張懿慧 published on July 24, 2015
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