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  • This Andrew Stanton sci-fi romantic comedy made over half-a-billion when it was released

  • in June of 2008, easily besting its large $180-million dollar budget. The computer-animated

  • adventure follows a plucky little robot in the distant future who inadvertently embarks

  • on a journey through space that ends up deciding the fate of all mankind. Inspired by old clips

  • from the musical "Hello, Dolly!", the titular character is a hopeless romantic - but he's

  • also the only thing with sentience on the entire globe, left behind to clean up a planetwide

  • mess after humans left the solar system for a better future. Their expositional infomercial

  • that begins the film reminds customers that, "We'll clean up the mess while you're away!".

  • Despite being a mute, miniature Johnny-5 clone... "Wall-E" remains remarkably expressive. Hunting

  • for trinkets on the abandoned Earth to satisfy his curiosity, his large eyes and eyebrow

  • flaps help him emote his very human-like feelings and desires. He is perplexed and surprised

  • to discover all sorts of leftover trash, and even mistakes an old bra as large eyewear.

  • Revolutionary sound designer Ben Burrt, best know for his work on the "Star Wars" films,

  • provides the cutesy electronic voice of the robot - and is excellent with the limited,

  • but complicated role. This, combined with his constant need to impress a new robot arrival,

  • played by Elissa Knight, makes the character an absolutely adorable protagonist. Together,

  • their unlikely and irrational relationship carry the G-rated narrative which is devoid

  • of human dialogue until the halfway point. When more traditional characters and situations

  • are introduced, the film unfortunately suffers as a result. Sigourney Weaver is appropriately

  • cast the voice of the starship's computer; John Ratzenberger's requisite appearance gives

  • him plenty to chew on as a obese human who finally decides break humanity's cycle of

  • extreme consumerism; Jeff Garlin is great as an inquisitive Captain eager to learn more

  • about Earth's past, while Fred Willard is perfect as a smarmy CEO in a short live-action

  • cameo, the first for any Pixar film. The 98-minute feature scored a record-tying six Academy

  • Award nominations, winning for "Best Animated Feature". As expected, the visual effects

  • used to accomplish all of the characters' nuanced traits are impeccable, utilizing believable

  • lighting and film-like depth of field to really sell the realism. But special mention needs

  • to be made for a wonderfully poetic scene where our two robot protagonists fly spiraling

  • circles around each other in a sort of space-walk ballet duet. Thomas Newman's majestic score

  • lends an emotional depth to this proceedings as well, while an end-credits ballad by Peter

  • Gabriel titled, "Down To Earth", is also rather memorable. A sweet and tender love story set

  • against a cautionary tale regarding gluttony and environmentalism... this interstellar

  • adventure remains one of Pixar's best, on every viewing. "Wall-E" is a beautiful and

  • romantic experience with lovable characters. Now let's check out some of your reviews.

  • Remarkably consistent scores for "Wall-E", with everyone agreeing it's an AWESOME film.

This Andrew Stanton sci-fi romantic comedy made over half-a-billion when it was released

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