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Here comes Lauren
Lauren works here
Always turn on the Nylon's sign
make sure the newest issue is out
and make sure that you're consistently smiling
It's gonna be rough
hi, hi
I'm filling in for an hour
Nice to meet you (Nice to meet you)
You have great hair
Hello, sir (Oh!)
Hi, how are you
Hi, good. I'm your new receptionist for a bit
wow, this is weird
Am I too much a fan if I took a picture with you?
No, nothing else of that, totally
We're gonna take Nylon in the background, one two three
We should act like we're working
Oh, yeah yeah, sure yeah
Wait, one silly one
(Are you ok to stay there on your own) yeah, yeah of course haha
What are you doing here?
I am... I'm preparing for my next role at the moment
It's already proving to be like the hardest thing I've ever done
Oh my god!
What can I do for you
I love your work in Harry Poter
Thank you very much
And the horse play you did
The horse yes... (I didn't see it)
No, no, no, don't worry, that's fine
It was... yes a while ago
Hey, how are you doing?
Hey, you're not Lauren
I'm not Lauren, I'm a much..
I'm like the cut price, much less efficient version of Lauren.
Unless you're like need a bathroom key, we're pretty much out of options.
What about stamps?
What about stamps, let's see.
I'm not sure if I can, uhh, help you out right now.
You might wanna come back when someone more experienced is working here.
I, I, I just need the bathroom key
Yes, I only have that one, is that girl's as well?
Oh, it's that, fantastic (Oh I usually use this)
Oh, document, document, oh my
I have no idea really what to do now
Who's this for?
I'm like, Lauren!
Hey there. Hi there, how are you doing?
Good, I need to see Truty.
Truty, ummm, yes, I'll get her, Lauren!
Is Truty around? (Um, yes)
Who's, who's... can I see it? (Serina.) Serina, Serina! Serina is here to see Truty
See? I'm getting better!
Do you want anything? You know what I'm saying?
No, I'm good, I'm all good, yeah I'm struggling with the pressure
(cough) I'm cracking already, it's not that good
Literally every person who passes in front of that door
I'm just thinking "oh, don't need to come in here, don't need anything."
This is going out, if the messenger doesn't come pick it up in 10 minutes,
i need to know
(I wonder where's Truty) TRUTY!!!!
uhhh, ummm, she'll, she'll be right with you.
Would you mind actually calling her extension?
Oh, okay.
Am I being blind?
I'm here for a pickup
Oh, what are you picking up?
uh, I don't know. Lauren, I only spoke to Lauren.
Does that make any..., Does that mean anything to you? (No, no, no, no)
No, that's not me
Hey, I have a meeting with Merisa.
uh, Merisa, yes I will... uhhh, take, take a seat.
(Take a seat? Okay.) Dan, I mightn't have said hi.
Dan? Yeah. Are you new?
I'm very new, yeah every new and very shit.
Uhmmm. Are you from the England office?
Yes! I'll go with that
If this works, this is the first time I've done this, I'm sorry about this.
Uh, no, that's all good.
I'm running late anyway, so I guess it's technically my fault
She's not picking up, Joe, I'm sorry
I have a meeting, you know
Uh, one, one moment
You go find her? Yeah. Okay.
This new guy sucks.
I can't stand the stress of this, I don't know how you f**king do this
I don't know how you do this.
I really don't know, this is...
like... people come in and you just need to know what they need
It's terrifying
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Daniel Radcliffe Was Our Receptionist for an Hour

44458 Folder Collection
Vivi Lee published on July 26, 2015    Vivi Lee translated    Claire Chi reviewed
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