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Lukas, I am hungry.
My fridge is empty.
But don't worry.
I have pear jam.
I hate pear jam.
Ok. I understand you.
I must do some shopping.
But listen...
I hate shopping.
Because I lose myself in the shop.
Calm down.
I can guide you.
I know one supermarket.
You are the boss.
Let's go!
I'll show you the supermarket departments.
Or you can say the aisles.
I hate shopping.
Canned goods.
Fruit and vegetable.
For example, chocolate.
It's nonalcoholic.
Newspaper and magazines.
Car goods and car accessories.
Cleaning stuff.
Alcoholic beverages.
I hate shopping.
Tea and coffee.
It's frozen food.
A chicken.
Meat and fish.
Dairy products.
Packaged food.
Baby goods and baby care products.
I don't need it...yet.
It's cosmetics.
Stop. Household products.
A broom.
Cleaning products.
Baked goods.
This is laundry.
Cash desk.
Shop assistant.
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Supermarket - English vocabulary

65602 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on July 21, 2015    Sh, Gang (Aaron) translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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