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  • A good scientific measurement is made with accuracy and precision.

  • Accuracy tells us how close

  • a particular measurement is to the correct value.

  • For instance,

  • how close is the reading of a thermometer to the actual temperature?

  • Precision is the consistency of repeated measurement.

  • In other words, are the results consistent

  • each time something is measured?

  • The more consistent the results,

  • the more precise the measurement.

  • It is possible to have a precise measurement that is not accurate.

  • It is also possible to have an accurate measurement that is not precise.

  • The best measurements are both accurate and precise!

  • Let us look more closely at the difference between accuracy and

  • precision using an archer and target.

  • The archer is accurate when he hits the bull's eye.

  • He is precise when he can consistently hit the same spot on the target,

  • in this case the bull's eye, over and over again.

  • This archer is both accurate (he hits the bull's eye) and

  • precise (he is able to hit the same area of the bull's eye repeatedly).

  • It is also possible for the archer to be precise, but inaccurate.

  • If he misses the bull's eye, he is inaccurate; he has missed the mark.

  • But if he can consistently and

  • repeatedly hit the target in the same place,

  • even if it is not the bull's eye, he is precise.

  • On the other hand, the archer may be accurate, but not precise.

  • If he strikes the bull's eye or right next to the bull's eye,

  • but his arrows are not consistently placed,

  • then the archer is accurate, but not precise.

  • In this case,

  • the arrows would be spread across the bull's eye

  • rather than clumped together in a small area.

  • If our archer is having a really bad day,

  • he might even be inaccurate and imprecise.

  • In this case,

  • his arrows will strike the target in a random pattern and

  • he will not hit the same part of the target time after time.

A good scientific measurement is made with accuracy and precision.

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Accuracy and Precision

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